Moments of happiness

It’s 10:45pm Saturday night, I have been out to dinner with friends and of course the gorgeous Mr. S.

I now sit at the desk, with a desk lamp giving the only glow in the room and I am playing Romanza by Andrea Bocelli. I love this CD.

There is a party next door and as it’s a warm night they are outside with their music, so it’s a bit of a battle of the volumes at present. I think I’m winning.

I have had a couple of wines (glasses) not bottles and feeling in one of my more aaaah moods.

You get them too, I know you must, when you have fuzzy warm inners, listening to beautiful music. God his voice is so spine tingling to me.

I am going to write this without previous thought and see what becomes of it…

Amore on wisteria vines mauve hues against a
back drop of green, palms outstretched to the sun

in the voice of the one you love, the people you love
rejoicing in their laughter, comforting in their grief

climbing a hilltop to view the valleys in the suns morning
light, flaxen glow dusting the surface on the dirt below

the waves that roll towards you that wet your feet and make
you run back to the sand like a child giggling

listening to music, butterflies in your stomach
eyes closed breathing in the tones, the words

candle lit rooms giving off a soft romantic glow,
fragrant oil burner mingling

warm bubble bath sinking in after a weary day
water to soothe your body and your mind


Amore to all who read

they are some of my ahh moments tonight that I wanted to share.