entering the darkened woods
casting not a backward glance
she ran
footsteps and laboured breath
in time with hers
he followed

one by one she grasped the trees
fingers bled, ankles grazed
there was no giving up
her screaming cry
broke the moonlight
help me
and still he followed on

her past would not let go
she stumbled in the dark
wolves called inside the mist
silencing her last scream
as it echoed through the trees
and rose to the stars

her heart began to tear
the blade cast in her back
she yelled
blood fell from her mouth
her past no longer
haunted her
haunted him

Run for your life


I run,  bare foot across the tentacles of icy grass blades across the Moors.
My hair laces it’s way into the air so cold it could freeze me in time.
My heartbeat skips, vapoured breath escapes my mouth,  I try desperately to hold the air in my lungs.
They won’t capture me, they won’t get me … they won’t.
My life depends on my speed.  The fog is settling, night is drawing in,  soon it will be dark,  I need to see the way before me,  please give me more time, PLEASE I beg, do not let darkness fall.
I struggle to catch my breath, my lips are so cold, my mouth is parched.
God… NO, a storm is brewing, run, don’t you look back Esmay, don’t you dare.
The thorns stab at my feet, it hurts with every step I take. Don’t cry,  don’t cry.
Erase the pain Esmay, erase it now!
I push myself, no time to dwell on how my body aches,  it is so cold, I am so tired but I must not give in.
I am the hunted, being chased down like foxes that chase their frightened prey.
How much more can I take, I’m struggling, how can I continue, how can I break free, how do I outrun them.
Please don’t let the storm come, PLEASE, I yell to the emptiness around me. I don’t have the strength inside me to also battle rain, how much more can I take.
I am so scared and long for home, to warm myself in front of the fire, with the door locked fast.
I hear them, the horses hooves resonate through the ground underneath me.
Don’t look back, my thoughts echo in my head, there is no time to see how close they are.
You will not get me, you will not lock me up again.
I swear you will not imprison my soul once more.



This was written from a photo on Picture It and Write.

What irritates me # 2

I decided to walk outside instead of pummelling the tread-mill. After all the sun is shining and it’s a beautiful 22deg here in Melbourne. This prompted Irritation # 2.

One of my pet-hates which irritates the B-jaysus out of me is this.

Riding your bicycle whilst exercising your dog. If I am about to offend any of my followers I apologise in advance.

  • You yell “Walkies” (let’s call him Bob) Bob rushes up, feet prancing, bottom swinging, smiling and tail wagging merrily at the word.
  • Bob’s body language comes to an abrupt halt when he sees you get the bike out.
  • Bob trots along beside you in the beginning whilst you sit on your comfy seat peddling merrily along.
  • Bob didn’t know you had eaten 3 slices of cheese-cake the night before and wanted to lose a few pounds.
  • Bob didn’t know that it was such a warm day outside.
  • Bob didn’t know you weren’t bothered to stop to let him rest.
  • Bob didn’t know that his exercise meant being dragged along for how many miles you wanted to do.
  • Bob didn’t know that walkies meant he wasn’t allowed to stop, to smell the grass, have a rest or pee on grass or a tree.
  • Bob didn’t know that he would get thirsty and tired.
  • Bob kept running, looking up to say please stop as his legs were tired and sore.
  • Bob did know that one of his pleasures in life is to please his master.
  • Bob kept going thinking he was making YOU happy.
  • Bob wishes he could speak.

You return with a very worn out and not very happy Bob.

You go and shower and have a cold drink.

Bob laps up water from his bowl whilst being spread eagled on the floor catching his breath.

Yes if Bob loves to run – PLEASE  let him run in a park so he may stop for a rest when he needs to or pee on a tree, or ride your bike without him.

PLEASE everyone use common sense especially if the weather is hot – if Bob must be exercised this way (and for the life of me I don’t see why it’s necessary) – give him a rest every few minutes.. in other words ‘Get Off Your Bike’.

Happy Bob – how all Bobs should be.