Cork in the Ocean (Prose)


A cork is tossed amid tumultuous seas

bouncing bobbing ~ return to me

Your hands through waves, reach forward

only to retract, to lie awash within the crests

of silent white ~ the colour of perfection

and completion, bring home to me yourself

Fight the horridness of storms that may

seal your fate, rise up to fight the vehement

waves that brew, for my hand reaches out

to you, to save the sanity within

I shall protect and guide against

the currents great and small ~ if you

will let me be your rock

within my arms you shall be safe.


©jmtacken 25/11/2013


Free falling (Prose)


catch me when I fall
as I know not where I’ll land
a thousand feet per second
such adversities imposed
like gusts of wind
as I descend

catch me when I fall
for I am not secured
tethered to the structure
of my life, that once held me firm

catch me when I fall
treading tightropes
arms outstretched
pulled in all directions
need my balance to return

but if your arms can’t reach me
hold a safety net
to stop my pain
tell me pull the rip chord
till I am safe again


©jmtacken Oct 8 2013

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