Arabian Sonnet – Here they lie

Arabian Sonnet

Basically it follows the Italian form, but because of the proximity of the two countries it’s not surprising there would be some influence. It has a rhyme scheme of;
a. a. a. a. . . b. b. b. b. . . c. c. c. . . d. d. d.

Strike of lightening on stormy night
tombstones stand, no living in sight
darkness, eeriness, that imparts fright
pray for the morning, wish for daylight
kneel down read the words carved on stone
remember the lives of those now alone
under the earth not skin only bone
listen as they cast a shivering moan
they want to be heard, be alive and not dead
not veiled under earth, watch where you tread
buried, alone, saddened tears we have shed
don’t cry for me, help me I want to be there
don’t leave I implore you, I want again to breathe air
don’t walk away, stay with me, I need more than your prayer


The wind started roaring there was a storm about to strike
people scurried back and forth barricading all their windows
with everything in sight, locking doors and moving chairs
and tables round the house, hoping the storm that was to be
would surely quickly pass, the trees they started blowing
bending to the left and to the right, the branches
cracked the leaves were torn and scurried down the
street, the warnings were set high for the tornado
that would come, the deadly winds, the rain to
fall, the death they’d surely face, they
gathered treasured memories and hid
them where they could, they sheltered
pets to keep them safe, against
the fast and furious winds
sandbags then were
placed on ground
to cease
any water
from getting
inside, they listened
and they waited fearing
for the worst, scared and
frightened children, parents
huddling them and sheltering
them from harm, for life can end so
quickly and mother nature shows no mercy
and what is sacred must be saved, gathering
those that you dearly love denying them of a
an early grave, the forces of the winds pick up
the doors battered against their frames, the cars picked
up and thrown in air, nothing would be saved, the windows
blasted open, glass filled the frightening room, the children
started screaming, would they all now be doomed, the trees that
once stood proudly in the front yard severed down, the bins and
other rubbish scattered all around, then almost as it had begun the
wind failed to make a noise, it had passed, it was no more and they
had all been saved, a miracle, a sign from above, no matter what the
reason, they had their lives, their house still stood tis was the
hurricane season

We don’t have them over here but this is what I envisaged them being like.