Winter not so wonderland


Coats soon will be discarded
They’ll accompany the scarves
Alone they’ll wait until the
Day they’re desired again
Winds will blow dragging winter
Cold to other hemispheres
The sun waits gathering strength
To burst through clouds
Her temperatures bringing warmth
We long for strappy sandals
With sand touched toes
Bare shoulders, the sun against our backs
The days that never end
Balmy wine kissed nights
Lying on sheets counting stars
Through open windows
This time will soon to be ours again
To close the cupboard on winter
Knowing that its taken residence
Elsewhere in the world

Copyright JMTacken 7.8.2014

Falling into Seasons


Letters tumble from broken leaves that autumn cast away
Whilst the wind takes hold grabbing them from hand to
form words I nuzzle close, gathering them in my arms
before my icy breath scatters them into sentences
around my feet

Mesmerised with crackled colour bouncing before my eyes
it read, ‘winter darkness now intrudes into pores, flicking
like tree limbs broken, its fork tongue upon the skin’
and we at times let it puncture, along with inevitable cimmerian  
of the Season, our moods disengage, until we see the sun
once more

copyright JMTacken 18.6.14

Final Orchestra (Prose)


Swallow me whole ~ symphony of thunderstorms
break the sky with snare drums
the utterance of the approaching squall
cymbals illuminate clouds of darkness
piccolos the shooting stars
that beckons us to other lands

Let me ride ~ the crest of cellos
rain filled, before they burst
tempting parched and broken ground
when my time comes I’ll rest ‘neath harps
tranquil in the angels hands and
eyes will close to the refrain of violins

©jmtacken Jan 2014

hopefully my poetic muse is finding her way back home

A little Spring in your step (Prose)


touch the Spring in Australia
warmth in wind beckons leaves to dance
birds to sing and nest

though the ladder in my shed
not the ideal place
step on pavements in front of neighbours

flowers blossom, coloured rainbows
against backdrops of green hues
inspiring Spring, perfumes not in bottles

unlike colder Seasons, treading outside gusts of
cold bitter winds hit skin, tis pleasant to walk
within ~ the gardens of my land

take note that your change comes, as my change does
change in fauna, changes in moods and love
that may spiral to a darker place

when winter darkness fills your space
your thoughts grow dim
whilst mine blossoms ~ light, carefree

no star shaped colours rustling under foot
no snow or cold to chill the bones
no heat that expires and draws your breath

I have a skip in my step in Spring
forget the crunch, the heat, the thunder
dare I say it ~ yes I will

there’s no other place like ‘Down Under’

© JMTacken Oct 16 2013

The bird pictured is a Magpie

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Winter in Melbourne

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As ice clears on my winters morn
heavy dew melts ‘tween the blades
that crackles under shoes
I smell the smoke of open fires
creeping from houses nestled in my
neighbourhood, circling from chimneys
into the atmosphere, vanishing
as it dances with the grey
I wonder if I will feel the sun again
my body warmed against the chills
the smell of hot scones freshly baked
plated on kitchen benches toasty
warmed from those that sit
conversations with hot tea

no snow, but cold enough in Melbourne
in a winter, frost that paints the windows
of cars parked along the streets
house windows, trickle panes with water
as cold clashes with the heat
and I rub my hands together to stop
the chill entering my bones
rugged in boots, coat and scarf
I walk the path, the biting air
nips my cheeks, breath exhales white
into the air, teeth chattering

the sun will come around once more
a few months, is all I have to bare
of waking in the darkness off to work
returning in the same stilled black
but I know, as sure as every season comes
longer lit days will arrive once more
where smiles are more readily seen on faces
venturing out of doors, ceasing the will
to hibernate as short beaked echnidas do
for we have no bears that hide in caves
as I wish at times I could

Winter is approaching – Prose


stand centred
the inner circle
surrounded by
the ancient
my private sanctuary
I don my winter coat
of thoughts

wind lashes icy
against my cheek
razor blades
of a colder season
grey clouds multiply
play catch in the air
amid blackened skies
before night falls

I wait

inhale secrets
I beckon creatures
timbers crack
bristled whispers
the woodland starts
to breathe
creatures nocturnal
step cautiously
from daylit homes

the distance
the pack howls
with throats
stretched tight
guttural baying
to the opaque moon

footsteps soft on
moistened moss
quenching thirsts
at river beds
insects wary scurry
from the pray
the dark is coming

I am not afraid

darkness penetrates
I am a kindred spirit
where I stand
connect me with the
sounds of living on
this night

winter hard as stone
call forth my muse
from summer past
inspiration drawn

my muse awakes

my breath draws in
no longer does she
sleep within