The Lure

your eyes blazed their
cross the dim lit room
your stare settling
in my groin
like an onion
being peeled
they undressed
each inch
of me
by simply looking
up and down
my stocking legs crossed
as you
held an
intense stare
held up your glass
and smiled
I blushed
not knowing if you
dress tight
that swaddled
all of me
I returned
a smile
in your
tried to make you
that I knew
of your intention
tilted head in
contemplating your
next move
I held my drink
up to my lips
I gave a come
hither look
you sauntered over
placed your drink upon
the bar
and asked if I was by
if you could join
oh your seduction
worked a charm
I smiled
looked up into
your eyes
my answer
you can


Crisp white shirt

black suited man

slight smile an edge

what is your plan

eyes that stare right

through me now

glass raised towards

me blushing I

cast my eyes towards the floor

reticent of your seductive lure

stops me where I stand


but I stare right back 

 fidget with my dress

your eyes penetrate

they alone express

Your want your need

I can’t look away

your dominance 

your provocative way

I draw a breath 

it’s hard to breathe

the edge you have lies deep inside

my solicitude I try to hide

not a word is spoken

what goes through your mind

and yet I know

our minds entwined

I quiver and my hand

does shake

don’t see this

don’t let this

moment break

that smile it warms

my body so

white shirt

black suit

I cannot go