I am a little over whelmed with Awards of late (blushes). This delightful one was bestowed by Shaun (he is a very naughty laddy ) for he has presented me with two in the last few days. I am partially accepting this, in as much as I won’t answer the questions about myself (because I think you know me pretty much by now) or list my nominees (for the truth be known I feel terrible having to single people out).


1. Display the award logo on your blog.

2. Link back to the person who nominated you.     Here is his Award giving post

So to completely mess with the ‘rules’ (as I do) I am putting his comments (7 things about himself) and his other nominees in gratitude for wishing to share this Award with me. Thank you Brave Heart 🙂

Seven things about Shaun:

1. I am about to start watching Continuum the TV Show. My Partner says I will love it, it has time travel in it :-)

2. I had a Calzone last night for tea, my GOD it was Amazing!!!

3. I am at present Listening to “Oasis Live in Manchester” the song is Wonderwall

4. It is raining here, it has been cloudy all day, so not unexpected. If it doesn’t rain here, we worry why!

5. I have had several people follow me in the last few weeks who are AMAZING friends and brilliant people.

6. I have so many good friends on Word Press, you are all an extension to my online family

7. It is nearly 5pm as I write this.

He now nominates 14 people: 

















Super Sweet Blogging Award

Salutations my dear readers. Shaun from over at Looking for reasoning to a complicated world

kindly nominated me for A Super Sweet Blogger Award. Chuffed am I to have this bestowed on me. You can see his post here >

As I am partially accepting the Award – in showing my appreciation for this lovely gesture, I list his other nominations below for you all to have a peek at (if you aren’t already that is). I have recently started following Shaun – he is a humorous, good-natured and thoughtful man who lives in Scotland with his family and newly acquired Staffie. He suffers from Chronic Pain and blogging and sharing helps him get through his days and nights. Please visit, I’m sure you will be glad you did.

You may notice that the below are all femme fatales …this shows how sweet this gentleman is. 🙂

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