My spoon circles the coffee
Breaking cinnamon art
Allowing foam to sit on my tongue
savouring creamy sweet

The melodious French voice
wafts over raisin toast and latte
Speaking fluently, her hands twist
and turn gracefully as she speaks

In days past I knew him
robust, a giant of a man
His height a commanding presence
I called him teddy bear, back then
always cuddly, always smiling
Family friend with softly spoken words

The laminate table shares the bowl
of hot chips, breakfast or is it lunch
no time frame for pensioners
Combinations of the young walk past
Stripes and spots
leopard print with lemon
The beast would cringe

The elderly man comes closer in view
His walker supporting his limping body
frail and thin, head of grey, brown corduroys
Sunken cheeks, no smile
Recognition in the moment, a familiar face
teddy bear feebly steps
Madame pulls out her compact straightens her fringe
Chips are air blown cool between them and
he walks slowly past

Copyright JMTacken 16.7.14

Oh Percy


pressed grey suit
pristine  shirt
perfect tie
pon his head he wore a hat
Percival Peppertan  looked anything but playful
posing and pompous Percival couldn’t see what the fuss was all about
people that
passed by snickered , he thought them
pathetic and rude
promoting the company that he worked for
Percival allowed himself to
peacefully through the streets
publicly, mind you and certainly not being
paid any extra, but simply for the love of their new spectacle range and he cared not if they
provoked him and said he looked stupid
Percival, was chosen, though he was considered the most
practical and
probably the most lifeless
person in the company, but he was excited at the
prospect they had
presented him with, the chance for
pedestrians to admire the new fashionable eye-wear and delighted at the
project, for alas Percival was quite a boring soul, but now, oh yes now with these, he let lose a little
providing himself with a new found freedom of himself, to be carefree and not so
possibly beneath the pompousness his watchful eyes allowed him to see a whole new world


Anonymous Legacy: VisDare 24: Mastermind anonymouslegacy.blogspot.com

Another brilliant photo from the Team –  but this was tough for me – so I looked on the light side – with my brain ticking over time..

Just a bit of Aussie Land on a Sunday

Ok this may possibly be the most boring and useless post you will ever witness on WP or my site, this could in reality bore the very pants off you (awkward) but I am sharing *drum roll* some pics of an Aussie supermarket… Of course click onto the pics for close ups…I know you will.  How utterly enthralling will this be??!!!! Hold onto your hats ladies and gents this will knock your socks off!

2013-02-24 12.08.03

Ah yes the Tim Tam section – had to have the chocolate in here for ma’ ladies!Could that be?? Is it??Could that be?? Is it??  You can see by his expression he ‘loves’ to shop…Here we have part of the fruit and veg section..amazing huh?Here we have part of the fruit and veg section this is for Katie..amazing huh?2013-02-24 11.57.51Another part of the fruit and veg  also for Katie – you can’t contain your excitement can you???Part of the meat section - hang on there's more to come!Part of the meat section, chops anyone?  – hang on there’s more to come!The lolly section or part of it - what you guys call sweets.The lolly section (yum yum) or part of it – what you guys call sweets.Yes, you are seeing right -  they are Easter Chocolates...when IS Easter again?Yes, you are seeing right – they are Easter Bunnies…when IS Easter again?Finally and waiting for the 'ewwww' comments, one of my favourites - Rollmops, Pickled Herring...that's fish guys that's marinated in a vinegar...don't judge me, I was raised on them!Finally and waiting for the ‘ewwww’ comments, one of my favourites – Rollmops, Pickled Herring…that’s fish guys that’s marinated in a vinegar…don’t judge me, I have European blood in my veins, I was raised on them!

So there you have it folks/followers/fans a delectable ‘foodie’  insight into an Aussie Supermarket. Pfft it’s Sunday – I was bored.




Why do we put our names down for these sites?

Do we all do it? Sign onto sites to receive a squizillion emails of special offers on a daily basis? ‘Stuff’ that we would never contemplate buying at any other time…

Below is one example I received

Shape your bust to perfection with seamless padded La Bra 

Ah yes the most anticipated product of all time.

For those who

  • have had children and breast fed (heaven help us for doing something that we felt was right) and find their boobs going south never to return north.
  • for those that are small breasted.
  • for those that are large breasted.
  • for those who have odd shaped boobies.

So yes ladies (or gentlemen with man boobs) here is your answer it seems, the La Bra the wonder Bra, the

  • Union Under-Flannel
    • Well-Being
  • Breast Supporter

Call it what you will this is your answer to the  “Over the Shoulder Boulder Holders” wear them and stand proud! They will shape your mammaries to perfection, no more will you have to hide under bulky jumpers, or caftans. No more will you feel like the odd one out next to all those women with the perfect shape. (We aren’t talking the Madonna Bra folks) for this is seamless- whoot – whoot!

Seriously, half of the emails I receive – I delete.

No I don’t want 24 bottles of wine for the price of 12 (ok I fib maybe I do want that one).

I don’t want the Bra of all Bras.

I don’t want the two for one offer of canvas prints.

One day … yes I live in hope, something will pop up on my emails that is actually worth buying!

Yours in fed-up-ness


2230 – Gadgets for my dream home

I thank once again Mr. P http://ruleofstupid.wordpress.com  for this inspiration.

For those that are sick of seeing my posts – I was described by http://thesenseofajourney.com the beautiful Gabriela in her last post as a prolific writer (She kindly dedicated some very kinds words about me and others). So I shan’t make apologies for writing so many, for this is me – ramblingsfromamum, mumsy or rambly…whatever you wish to call me (as long as it is nice) this is what you can expect of me.

No doubt some of these already exist – these were off the top of my head.

  • A super oven – it’s cooked and basted to perfection within 5 minutes.
  • A robot vacuum cleaner.
  • A self-cleaning toilet, shower & bath.
  • A device to self weed the garden and another to mow the lawns.
  • A cupboard – hang an un-ironed shirt in – 2 minutes later it’s pressed.
  • A dishwasher that packs and un-packs itself.
  • No more battery required devices.
  • A stove that automatically turns itself off once the meal is cooked.
  • A shopping trolley that actually goes where you want it to (ok not for home but I had to include this).
  • A device with the flick of a switch the song that you keep singing in your head is played in the room you are in.
  • A  human tele porter system so you don’t have to find the car keys, open the garage, drive the car, park the car to do the shopping.
  • A personal force field which you can set off if faced with any unsuspecting danger (people or spiders).
  • A hat that I would wear for 5 minutes that would allow me to remember everything from the previous day (week/month/year?)

Really – a wand – that’s all I need a magical wand from Harry Potter where I could wave and make everything happen.

From dusting to hanging up the washing.

Where I can waft it over cupboards and all those pesky plastic containers are neatly packed.

A wand that would assemble the Christmas tree in all it’s glory baubles and all and then dismantle itself.

A wand that did all the mundane chores would simply be the only instrument I would need.

So that kindly folk is my list. I am sure there are so many others – but my brain is tired.

credit wikia & Google

From my post “Yes Viagra for women…and other bits & pieces

I’m in absolute hysterics!! You are sooo priceless. I read and re-read and laughed each time. OMG…and do answer your 1st ? yes it’s a nasal spray for women…opposed to a little blue pill for the men folk…. so what it does for men..no that can’t be right.. um it…hell it’s in its trial stage…I’ll keep you posted!

I LOVE your 2 pence worth & chocolate

That is the comment waiting for approval….


This is the website it came from http://www.cialistabletsatis.com …. Um sorry but translation anyone?



20 Things not to give your Wife for Christmas

I was struggling …lost for words… (I know you are shaking your heads…how could I ever be at a loss for words)

Hmm  http://ruleofstupid.wordpress.com  an amazing talented writing Panda (though he is meant to be Fierce – don’t believe him – oh and if you haven’t done already please sign up for C4C details are on his site) gave me the idea for this post…though I have enlarged it a tad as I was on a roll..so bare with me.

How keen am I to ask for suggestions? I am still asking if anyone is interested. How dedicated am I for I only rose from my slumber 45 mins ago and I’m already at the keyboard (yes I do have a life and I am in my sexy lingerie  dressing gown with just some free time on my hands).

ANYHOO let’s begin shall we or you will get so bored with my introduction to this post you’ll be yelling “next” and moving onto the next person.

20 Things Not To Buy Your Wife/Girlfriend/Significant Other For Christmas 

  • A cordless drill – NO – that is your job to screw in those few planks of wood on the decking – she just had a manicure, which cost you money, do you really want to ruin that?
  • A double Season pass to UFC (cage fighting) or any other kind of sport ? which involves knocking someone else’s brains out – NO – she’s not in the least bit interested as much as she supports lies to you about your stupid love for it.
  • A subscription to Wheels Magazine –  NO – come on I mean really?  Do you honestly think she wants to know the F1 ratings, how much torque there is in the latest Mercedes, or the family wagon that’s faster than a Ferrari? I think not.
  • Jewellery from Kleins – NO – how very dare you! I love you so much honey that I bought you these imitation diamond (but look how big they are) stud earrings for you. 
  • Telescope – NO – the only stars she wants to see are Movie types – she doesn’t want to spend her valuable time gazing up the to heavens or seeing Uranus.
  • Camping Gear – NO not unless said camping gear comes along with a Queen size bed, a kitchen, an inside toilet,  shower oh and a jacuzzi .
  • A hedge trimmer – NO – not unless you are trying to tell her something?
  • Membership to Weight Watchers or the Gym – NO NO NO – what are you thinking man?  “But sweety you are always telling me you needed to lose a few pounds”?
  • Tea Towels – NO – can you see the expression on her face when she opens the beautifully soft and squishy present thinking it’s the dress she purposely pointed out to you when you both went shopping last week? 
  • Lingerie or Underwear – NO – NOT unless you know her size. You give a double D bra when she’s a 32A – that’s just asking for trouble. You give her a sexy lace camisole and knickers set in a size 6 not knowing she’s a 12???
  • Set of 6 matching Stubby Holders – NO – She’s wishing you would be civilised and drink from a glass for a change, seriously what use does she have for these??
  • Book Housekeeping for Dummies – NO – She knows you hate housework and are useless helping around the house..this would just confirm it.
  • Mop and Bucket – NO – it’s ..it’s I have no words.
  • No to vegetable peelers with matching apple corers
  • No to a spice rack.
  • No to a whizz bang can opener.
  • No to a potato masher.
  • No to foil/cling wrap dispenser.
  • No to a Vacuum Cleaner
  • No to an invitation to go to an AA meeting

No men-folk it’s an easy task. You just have to think a little more…..

What Irritates Me – Do you care about your physical appearance?

Today Mr S and I were Christmas shopping and it was certainly bad hair day as far as the eye could see.

We had the older man in his black T-shirt and jeans with grey, tangled unwashed hair floating about.

We had the middle-aged man with protruding T-Shirt stomach and plaits down to his belt line.

We had the middle-aged women donning a buzz cut except for the pony-tail sprouting from the top of her head.

We had the let’s do a little bit of red and green colour because it’s Christmas.

What on earth? Did someone declare it National Bogun http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=bogun day in Melbourne and I wasn’t informed?

Or is it a case of “Look at me …look at me – I don’t care what your reaction is as long as you look at me”.

  • Your hair may be unwashed – you couldn’t find 3 minutes to run some shampoo through it  – or would that mean crap I have to shower to?
  • Your hair is a tangled mess – surely somewhere you possess a hairbrush – a comb – how about your hands?
  • Plaits only look good on Heidi – so leave them with her.
  • Your hair is buzzed with a pony-tail – what’s the pony tail for – trying to make the buzz cut look feminine?
  • Your hair has wads of blaring red and green splashed through it – did you perhaps walk under a ladder with paint buckets?

I mean seriously people how about a little bit of personal pride?

Yes you can wear your (sweats) trackies and food stained T-shirt when you’re camping by a river – but would it hurt you to don a little something nice and also see to your hair whilst out in public?

Yes I know a lot may say – each to their own – what harm is it doing.

Call me an old dragon but I beg to differ, there are certainly days when I get out of bed with bed hair – but I brush it, if need be I wash it. I wouldn’t dream of setting foot out the door otherwise.

Granted you can slop around all you like in the privacy of your own home, or up the bush, but would it hurt you terribly to look in the mirror before you leave the house just to make sure you look reasonably presentable?

Or is that I attitude these days of I simply don’t care what anyone else thinks?

Personal appearance and taking pride in yourself should be at least of a little concern should it not?

When we look good – we feel good – maybe they haven’t heard of that?

We have a better attitude, we walk with shoulders back.

These folk today, slouched (and please they weren’t poor underprivileged souls who couldn’t look after themselves) as the majority were laden with large shopping bags filled with Christmas goodies. Perhaps I shall receive comments that they don’t look after themselves so that they can afford presents for their kids and family…no no I don’t believe that is the case. **shakes head vehemently**

No this was purely a case of …..I just don’t care and Pffft yes my followers it irritated me.

Google & http://www.artdoxa.com.           These men can wear plaits.

Our day trawling round the Furniture Shops

And so I be in a writing mood or should I perhaps say mode

Today we ventured furniture shopping to adorn our humble abode

Alas we found nothing that took our fancy so

We came back empty handed not parting with our dough


All we want is a simple buffet not the buffet that means food

A cabinet for kitchen we hunted for and we determinedly perused

Some were made of Australian oak, some were laminate

We baulked at prices, workmanship, it was more than we could take


So we are empty handed not a buffet to our name

And we shall hunt again next week and hopefully strike our claim

For how hard is to shop for one, tis harder you than you think

At least now home and feet put up I can have a bloody drink!


Courtesy Google & http://www.erikorganic.com


Dr Who and the Tardis

Courtesy Google and bagsmagazine

Courtesy Google & bagsmagazine.com

See my every day hand bag is this size    (see left)

Courtesy Google & indimart.com

But I really should have this….Yes Ladies the old conundrum of toting (pardon the pun) around a bag far larger than my needs require. For the amount of rubbish that I accumulate in having a bag of this size gives me nothing but complete exasperation on a daily basis. Why do I stuff everything bar the kitchen sink in there? What can I never find when wanting it? For me it’s my little mobile phone.

“Your bag is ringing” they would say.

“Oh yes, well no use trying to retrieve as it will have stopped by the time I actually find the bloody thing!”  There are pieces of paper, tissues used and new. There are eye liner pencils and lipsticks that have not so conveniently fallen from the make-up bag and roll around enjoying their freedom. There is the make up bag. The pens (some work some don’t). There’s old pay slips, sun glasses, notes with directions on, shopping lists, paperclips..how did they get in there? Rubber bands. Loose change.  There is FRUSTRATION !!! I carry this around daily (yes I do have other bags) but I like the look of this (enter stubbornness) one the most (not as in the picture girls) and for some unexplained reason perhaps only to us females (or just me) I continue to use it, even though I should be booking a Chiropractic visit weekly for putting my neck out under the weight.

“So tell me what on earth are you lifting to do this”? “Just a hand bag”

Searching, scrummaging,fossicking is a daily occurrence for me and said bag . Shall I stop using it ..no..shall I try  emptying it more often to make life easier for myself..again possibly no.

Now I know why men make such a fuss over man bags..not because they don’t want to be seen getting in touch with their feminine side but because they simply don’t want to have the drama involved in digging their way around, through inside pockets, outside zips and inside folds to find their mobile phones!

en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TARDIS   = TARDIS stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space. The Tardis is bigger on the inside using transcendental dimensions.

Ladies & Gentlemen I rest my case.