Sunshine Award from Brian Alger – my acceptance.

Yesterday I kindly had the Sunshine Award bestowed upon me by Brian Alger.  Brian writes primarily about ageing, bereavement covering the topics of dying, loss, ageing in a sensitive and professional manner.

Hello Jen,

I enjoy your blog and I would like to nominate you for the Sunshine Award, a blogger-to-blogger award given to writers who inspire and add a little sunshine to people’s lives. I hope you will accept.

For more information please visit If you do accept please note the four “rules” of acceptance. I hope you enjoy working with the award.

Thanks for your great work.

Kind regards,

I advised Brian that as I don’t accept Awards anymore,  I do a post to show my gratitude for the kindness in nominating me.

Brian’s other nominees are these:

My Nominees for the Sunshine Award

  1. The Ancient Eavesdropper
  2. The Common Sense Philosopher
  3. The Death Writer
  4. Discovering Wisdom
  5. Dying Man’s Daily Journal
  6. Memory Bears by Bonnie
  7. Quinn Creative
  8. Ramblings from a Mum
  9. Source of Inspiration
  10. Words That Etch

If you haven’t had a peek at what these people do, perhaps now is your chance.

Brian Alger’s topics are found here


THANK YOU BRIAN – I hope that you accept this post as gratitude for your thoughtfulness.

A Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I have been nominated for the above Award – I ‘partially’ (as you may be aware), accept Awards (which may sound rather trite) and I do not mean that to be the case, this Award is from the wonderful her other nominees are the following:-

Deliberate Donkey
Angies Grapevine
Looking for reasoning to a complicated world
From the Fog
The Blog of Otis
The Temenos Journal
Evil Squirrel’s Nest
Breathing Space
Fibro Feist
Ramblings of a jerk
Fairytale Epidemic
Blog It or Lose It!
Fish Of Gold

Her answers to the 7 questions were :

Seven Things About Merbear
1. If I could get plastic surgery, I would buy a new chin. 2. I wasn’t a Beatles fan until 2008. 3. I Love The Food Network. 4. I just bought a Forever Comfy5. It actually is comfy. 6. I am not a fan of condiments. 7. I have a purse fetish. My favorite is a brown Coach.

This lady is beautiful, talented and extremely funny and if you haven’t visited her site I urge you to do so.

So thank you for bestowing this Award to me “Merby” (as I call her) and congratulations to the other nominees, I ask that you take a peak at their sites and as gratitude display their site names ( yes I have been a little lazy and not done the links) 😦

I thank you.


Liebster Award ……. from My Spoken Heart

These people listed above, along with myself, have been nominated for a Liebster Award. I have thanked and I am humbled by having this Award bestowed on me, for as Andrea has written from who nominated me “I just like them and think they deserve some recognition… so… here is my list”. So as I partially accept Awards, I post the sites of her other nominees, for you to go and have a peak at, if you haven’t already.

People say that Awards are rubbish (well some do) that is like spam, that one doesn’t have to be recognised for what they write or do on here. I took this to heart and stopped accepting Awards. For indeed the Award is having people read what you write and appreciate what you do. However in saying that, I think it is a tad negative if you don’t appreciate others, not for the want of us being patted on the back, but that others think what we do is worthwhile…and what is in the harm of that?

If nothing else being able to view other writers/sites that you didn’t know existed can only bring a warm and fuzzy feeling….can it not?  So let us not be selfish pricks (excuse my language) we are all here to write to enjoy what others write, if they want to spread the love and give an Award…so be it I say. Who are we to say otherwise?

So to Andrea  – I thank you, to those that don’t agree with Awards – each to their own – to those that partially accept or fully, I commend you for your conviction to believe in your feelings and what you think is right.

To me for having possibly too many scotches and a shit day at work.. I salute you.


A Thank You – Blog of the Year Award 2012

Today I received a notification that   (Eunice) had nominated me for another Blog of The Year Award 2012.

However and I am sure she will understand, when I replied saying I wouldn’t take this Award, or others at the moment.

In saying that I want to show my appreciation for her generosity in nominating me by putting the links to her nominees,  on my post.

I truly appreciate the Awards that others bestow upon me – but let’s just say I feel a little greedy in accepting another and the mere fact that those who have nominated in the past & continue to follow me is gratification enough.

Below is her list and I will be sure to have a peek around – hopefully you will to.


Thank you Eunice.