And then there was nothing..or was there


Tell yourself ‘do nothing’ but
You still are doing something
The act of being in nothingness
still holds your breath
within those seconds your chest
rises and falls

Escaping existence
collapsing into quiet
floating in your imagination

Minds don’t shut down
Your body can if given the chance
Eyes open or closed
thoughts continue to tumble
In the nothingness of you
not doing anything, you still ‘do’



Copyright jmtacken 14.7.14



fall beneath a thousand stones
I wouldn’t feel a thing
my fragile bones wont crush
inhaled vibrations of silence
I fold upon tremors
under pressure from myself

concealed within a force field
I won’t allow access
permission denied
for it’s I who chose to dwell
in my labyrinthine enclosure

let hands go clockwise
when cold winds blow themselves
to sleep and I pull myself
out of the complicated
space that I allow myself
to wander through

Fiction – I’m not really in a dark mood tonight but my muse seems to be avoiding my company.

Copyright JMTacken 22 March, 2014

The moments after


In those moments
on warm cotton thread sheets
that yield heat into my skin
cozy-ing my slumbered body
when I rouse, not from the pre-set
tune of yesterday or the days before
that sings out from my bedside phone
that disturbs my solitude
the time when daylight says wake up

in those moments, as blinking eyes
flicker, with tears that sting a little
I feel my heart rate quicken
my senses start to stir
the day telling me to begin
listening to my breath for the first time
that day, unlike when I was closed off
in my sleep, when I didn’t hear
the sounds of birds waking in the branches
or the cars out on the highway
or the sheets swish as I moved

in those moments when I spread my hand
across the mattress that we share
to you, who lays next to me
to you, whose sleep is restless
I pause just for a second or maybe two
everything is not real, but it is
as is this morning
the Saturday has fallen once again
I remember the previous
the events, the loss

in those moments as we drive out
in our ‘getting along with life’
when the clock on the dashboard
clicks to 9:30am
I reach and hold your hand
with seven days that have passed
today is as real as last week was
tears well in our eyes
and the clock, as life, continues

Friday Fictioneers – The Lonely

copyright-janet-webbMy contribution for


Ben is his name that’s what he’s called …elderly but still an ‘air’…his head held high with dignity he walks around his town …where children mock and point at pants that bear large holes and worn red cardigan …a cane that he depends upon… that enables him to walk without the limp from hip and body …that has let him down… Ben how is the life …where you live… all alone behind picket fence …where the roof is in such disrepair…tell me truly are you scared? What dreams do you hold onto …what creature comforts are there inside… this house that you live in …that we all deem unfit …not safe for any visitors or a human to inhabit… you fought for us in the war… lost your wife some years ago …do you sit inside alone in thought… and dream the time when you were young…are you happy behind the vines that grow…and care not what they think…your life was spent in happiness…with your Margaret by you side…have you ceased to now let others care…like the house you feel you’ve died… do not let others judge you… this is your family home I know… I only wish to visit you… show I care and …say hello


Mag 156 Challenge – The Cure

Challenge set from

Wind of History Jacek Yerka

My eyes steely stare
at my past
the broken down car
the ‘house’
they remind me of how
I was so long ago
The days I would
struggle, being
dragged, screaming laid
upon a steel table
arms held down by
leather straps
My forehead strapped as
were my legs tightly
bound in place
rubber shoved into
my mouth
so I could not bite
my tongue draw my blood
or perhaps silence screams
the door shut tight
so others could
not hear their ways
of ‘fixing’ me
electrical volts
surged my body
the cure is what
they said to save me
from the demons
that lived inside my head
I didn’t trust
the outside world
I withdrew into
myself is this why
I suffered what they
thought that they could mend
I have walked away
said goodbye to the
windows that haunt
my dreams, look back
at the ruin it has become
barren now, as I was then
This house was not my medicine
or the pills forced in my mouth
I simply was a testing piece
I stare with steely eyes
I am now ‘normal’
I will not live one more day in hell