When you hear the silvery voice

that touches your soul

you change

the clarity enters a place within

that glides along your veins

that penetrates your skin

it’s as though time stands still

the air stops breathing

words float as if upon leaves

tracing the flow of the rippling stream

tones rise and fall

till the voice silently fades

leaving a musical memory

a change

copyright JTacken 17.9.2015

Treasure – (Prose from 3 words)

I have put the challenge/request out for 3 words to be given to see what I can come up with the next 3 are from
howanxious  they are  lore, treasure and soul. Thank you my friend.


Please wait for the music

barefoot steps ~ I softly tread

‘neath canopy of tallest trees

sun splintering across stones

in rivers clear

I search

touch hands against velvet leaves

that dance when I set free

with enticing smell of pine

I search

the lore is told amidst these woods

a treasure could be found

no parchment map to guide my way

as skies grow dark and day is done

I walk the woods alone

for the treasure that I seek








Breaking Up

Don’t walk out the door

How will I cope when you are not here?

Please don’t leave me

Will you even care if I shed a tear?

We laughed but only yesterday

Now you want to go?

I don’t understand… please talk to me?

You are my love, my world, my beau

Couples fights and then make up

Can’t we talk this through?

Stay with me…talk to me

Please can’t we do that too?

The sound of the door closing

I stand numb with tears on cheek,

I see the clothes strewn on the floor

Can’t breathe, my heart feels weak

You have gone, I stumble from the room

I fall to floor upon my knees

My breath in gasps… it’s hard to breathe

My body shakes…eyes closed…can’t see

I rock like that of a child

Thinking this isn’t true

You have left..gone from my life

Come back, return…I love you

My tears… my body aching

I’ve lost all control

The pain it cuts into me

That of a knife into my soul

I cannot think, I only feel

I want the pain to go away

I’m alone, I’m scared my world now black

I love you…can you hear me?…come back….come back…come back