She was his

iphone black smoke

He grabbed her
hands around her diminutive waist
his words were honey dripped
of love, desire and she held
them all as they danced around
the perfume of magnolias
below the sky of gems

Her skirts swirled across the grass
his eyes blue as ocean spray
pierced her heart and the blood
mingled with the honey
melting into his arms

losing himself in her
the tilt of her head, the fall of her hair
the smile that was brighter than the stars
and he held her close and firm

then the moon showed itself
its luminous glow burst across the graves
and he was alone
his arms empty

copyright JMTacken 5.1.2015

A journey not yet taken


photo source

and I
on bended knee
in solitary repose
arm outstretched as if in
the visions floating
in my head
imagination perhaps
…..a dream
in blackened chiffon dress
collecting thoughts
indeed I tried to
make some sense
I pictured modern angels
who danced
a rhythm of
their own
perched mid air
enraptured by the
beam of light
with poise and grace
and arms outstretched
… mine
bellowed sleeves for wings
they hung above my head
was it from
a dance in life
or a dance
after their
yet I felt
no fear or anxiety
for their faces held
… pain
I heard whispers
merely ethereal souls
on our
journey from
… plain


Flight of Fancy

From VisDare another amazing photo to get our creative juices. 150 words or less. 74 words.