Do you?

Do you
Do you
Talk to the dead
lay flowers on the stone
run your finger tips inside
the chiselled line of their name
the date they came into the world
the day that they had gone
connecting the dots of their life
through marble fragments
with your memories

Will you
Will you
Cast your pain and suffering unto them
hoping to alleviate yours
for they have left and you have not
guilt subsides
you must rest as they do

Can you
Can you
believe that as much as seasons change
when leaves fall
or hold strong to boughs
when coats are cast or donned again
as day turns to night
and night brings a new morn
you will be once more
together in their arms

Do you
Will you
Can you



copyright JMTacken 7.1.2015

The spirit side session # 2

Tonight was my 2nd visit to the Circle, though after our meditation had finished instead of being in a circle, to hear from those that connected with spirt side, we lined our chairs in a row.
I did not get the purple third eye vision as strongly and in fact (I was willing it not to happen) to see what would occur. As soon as Carol reached the part of inviting our spirit guide into our Aura, the purple appeared, but only very faintly.  My girlfriend once again connected, as did everyone that stood up.
The session was running slightly overtime it was 9.40 when Carol (Head Medium) asked me if I wanted to get up, before I knew it I was. Bearing in mind this was only my second visit, I stood in front of the group. My mind was blank, I stood there like a dumb bunny, I can honestly say that I stood there thinking  ‘for *bleeps* sake Jen think of someone, anyone, anything’. Carol asked male or female energy. I blurted female. She asked vibration (sister,grandparents etc) I blurted Auntie, passed with breast cancer and 2 children. Then all I could ‘see’ was blonde hair, but I didn’t say anything. Carol then stood next to me.
From what I was told prior to standing up (from the lady next to me) who has been doing this for some time, is that Carol also picks up on what we see/hear and if you’re ‘spinning a tale’ (to be polite) she will know.  Now at this stage before Carol intervened, I had 3 people that connected with Auntie passing from breast cancer. When I said 2 children it got down to one. I said 2 girls, he said no a boy and a girl.
Carol said I see the letter P – the daughter was called Paige. She said I see a postman or something to do with letters, the Auntie was married to a postman. I was still standing there with my left leg shaking uncontrollably for some reason. Nerves don’t usually get the better of me in front of an audience, but I couldn’t stop it.
Carol asked me if I had anything else. I said all I saw was blonde hair and then blankets entered by head. This gentleman who is very olive skinned said his Aunt’s hair was blonde. The blankets? His partner said last night they were tossing on and off blankets all night..
Make of it what you will, I am still confused and second guess myself… but to have 8 ‘items’ for want of better terminology…can that be a coincidence?
Till next week
Believe it or not.






Simply breathe


aromatic wafts ~~~sensual alluring smell ~~~masking all others 

temples high in hills ~~~monks light incense kneel to pray~~~ sun weaves through the fog 

 perfumed burning stick~~~ meditate close eyes relax~~~ breathing in then out


fragrant apple smoke
spirals through the air around
floats past my nose sneeze

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Waiting for an outcome  The word is WAITING.


Do I wait for a ‘God’ to answer me
is that why I am here
I don’t believe…agnostic though not complete
for I hold my hands in prayer
when life is troubled
can’t find my way
I find myself hands clasped
but religion and I aren’t
intertwined…no committed belief
I come here for solace
for the sanctuary within
towered columns and lead light
the safety recognised silence
The seats uniformed
no pews to sit I ‘grab a chair’
and cross my legs
contemplate life, reflect on what ‘if’s’
For there is comfort from the
world outside,  I hear
the organ keys hear the choir
of voices … what I need today
Whatever my belief even for this
second I am waiting
I sit introspective
for answers that I seek
For today’s thoughts could be
tomorrow’s memories
and comfort I may not need
let me be here… close the door
it is me… I purely seek

For Visdare