get me out…(Prose from 3 words)

I have another 3 words given to me by the adorable Gabs over at gabrielablandy. Please go visit this extremely talented writer – you won’t be disappointed.

Her words are Private, Wealth and Sink…  I started to have nervous twitches when I first read these, hopefully I have written something… well who knows where my brain went with this. I beg your indulgence.


I stand as thoughts pop from this head
cascade into the eddy, down the kitchen sink
and SWirl and Swirl and SWirl around as I
stand mundanely on the tiles
drying dishes one by one

in private wish for other things
yes peace to the world; no starving kids
that some wealth be shared amongst
the poor ~ bring back Robin Hood in
tights, but there are other things that I’d endorse

no lost pups or pets abused, have no time
for those who judge themselves with
god given rights to mistreat the defenceless
of our world, they can rot in hell
~ you can tell from this,  I’m not amused

then my mind goes semi STraight, similar
but not equal to blank, random bits,
the ho-hum bits, round corners ~ no destination
as dishes clunk on stainless steel
there’s a *sigh* a fed up feel, a

don’t plead your case or seek my advice
give me the troubles you have as if I have
none, for I’ll snip them like
parsley that’s meant for the lamb
leave me alone, just go away, LET me be

alone sometimes to spread my wings and
fly from catastrophes, just to hear my breath
and count my toes, play hopscotch on the sand
cartwheels even though I’m old, Hmm who knows
but me and what I want

my childhood ways and lazy days, not
having to think, advise, console
patch up, smooth over and whats more
to slip away back into me, to remember
who I am, not a mother, or a partner

not a confident, or leader, no this
no that, no arguments, no ‘no you can’t’
or ‘yes you should’ sorry what ~ OH
you misunderstood, give me 5 or make it 10
I wonder if this will ever end

take me away, whisk me to paradise
where sun sits in rainbow skies
and sand like problems are brushed away
where the only decision there is to think
is what the hell I’ll chose for my next drink

©jmtacken Sept 2013

Still up for the challenge, if you want to throw me 3 words.