Picture it and Write – Treasures

For Picture it & write Another challenge is set, our brains go into over-drive, staring at the picture, letting our imagination go wild for our interpretation and our words.


This key
crafted in
stirling silver
rested on a
satin pillow
safe in the
Captains Quarters
hidden from the Crew.

unlocked his wealth
his treasure
his gold
to be treated
with the utmost
to valuable
to be thrown
onto a shelf or
not lain on
the finest of fabrics

gave him a reason
to go on each day
risking his life
protecting the
men that
worked under his
encouraged him

when the
waters swelled
against the bow
and rocked his ship
in the storms
that there was
a meaning
to it all

this key
that he held
gave him untold
when he unlatched
the strong box
his motivation
to continue
the fight
across the seas

This key
unlocked what
he desired
most in this world
the one and only
photo of his wife
and child
….his only loves

For this key
was the instrument to
return home once again
safe and alive