Sink or swim


The stream holds a feather
Fallen from a bird in flight it floats
Her barbs paw gently on the surface
Holding the water that envelops
Watch it as it dips and wanes
Yet she doesn’t fall to the rocks below
Steadfast through the currents, strong again
Light, weightless

A stone we cast, heavy
Will not float
Throw it in
It will drown each time
Most times I am the feather
Buoyant, resilient
Barbs untouched
Not allowing myself to sink
Then there are times
I am that stone

Also for – writing on our emotions


The blueness of your eyes carries me
To the ocean
Where I float above the undercurrent
Your laughter
Takes me to the mountain tops
Without a fear of falling
Your strength
Supports me when I feel that I may fail
Your caress
Settles me when I’m afraid
We didn’t know before hand
How two lost souls could join as one
Of all the people whose paths
May never cross, ours did
Like the grasses that blow in the
direction of the wind
We were blades it seems
That always grew side by side

Time to feel


I do not sit in the house of God
amidst stained glass windows absorbing sun
or hear the sound of choir voices

I’m unaware of steps I tred
The distance of my thoughts, for they
are miles apart yet small
I ask is there a meaning
behind what life confronts me
I stare at the moon, the mother
She glows in darkness, her babies
held in the distance, close enough
for her to see, but not touch

Cries to the Universe
what lessons must I learn
this path I walk so precariously
how long is my journey, grab me
take me to your stars, so that I do not fade
into the darkness of the day

There is no reply

My breath exhales like cigarette
smoke, I listen to utter silence
needing strength as the world breathes
watch mother moon and baby stars
that seem close enough to touch
but remain so out of reach

©JMTacken 12.6.14

Life Line


We at times are vulnerable, our strength depletes
falling as spilt water from the overflowing glass
to frail to bend, to mop up what lies around us
A cry for help not loud enough for others to hear

The tenuous task of gathering ourselves once more
our ability to be strong, is as powerful
as it is to be weak, moments when our resolve
is questionable, our enervated self

Do we wish to prove to those who know us, we have
no imperfections, yet, within us we cannot
lighten the cross we bare, to undertake what is
before us we sometimes fall in spite of our
believed strength

This is when we ask, we beg, for another to lend a hand
to build us up, to mop up the spillage from the floor
It is not cowardice to ask for comfort and support
the life line that is needed, for we are only human
and nothing more.

Copyright JMTacken 10.5.2014

I wrote this after reading Rara’s plight at the moment.



In your presence

stay close
when I’m dispirited
as darkness chases light
my eyelids close on salted waves

hold my hand
if tears should fall
no strength to stand
drawing comfort from your embrace

speak softly
if I grow silent
for I have no words to speak
protect me in your arms

kiss my lips
the final moment
when darkness takes the light
and my soul lifts from the earth

copyright JMTacken 22.4.2014

I am in a dark mood again, it happens when I am tired.

Can’t you see me (Prose)


what was your journey
did you pirouette ‘cross mirrors
glass unyielding
drift on gondolas
floating rivers of satin


or was your world defined
by fear
each breath inhaled
hope disintegrated
the days you woke
a burden upon


you reached
but no one grabbed
you cried
but tears weren’t heard
a journey leading no where
in silence
held yourself in you
as no one understood


your fragility hidden
you held no signs
lost my way, I am weak
can’t you help
can’t you tell
the battle fought


did your self esteem
waft in vapours
from the coffee cup you held
early morning air suffocating
the days that you felt strong
trying to fit, the jigsaw puzzle in
your mind


let me help you pirouette
once more in life
dance across this stage of so called
for it is all around us
it is not you

©jmtacken 23rd Feb 2014  – Fiction

Photo Credit:Falln-Stock    Shared with Mind Love Misery’s Prompt Prompt 44 Immobilizing Paronoia

Gather Strength My 390th Post


Life can be captured
in waves responding to the moon
forward retract never
remaining still

pulled in directions
uncertain of the end
to reach the sandy shoreline
or backwards into doubt

storms that pass along the way
give us courage from within
as the current to the wave
it builds ..self confidence

almighty seas I take your
strength to ride the waves
of life, pass to me your secrets
that I may stand the test of tides

photo credits: Miriam E an extremely talented writer and I have both written a piece on the above pic, to see how our minds worked, to see what thoughts us as individuals, could concoct.
Please visit her and see hers titled Wild Horses

Vis Dare Challenge # 9 – Alone



I avert my eyes from
looking at you
shedding your tears
that meld with the rain
and hit the ground
I do not cry
There is nothing
you can say
to make this right
leave me to my
I am alone, but I am
strong, just not today
or at this moment
my universe will heal
being without you
shall not let me
linger in this pain
I experience now
I don’t require
your penitence
I need to sit
gather thoughts
to toughen
to block
further weathering
to my heart
trust me
I’m a survivor
no need
to complicate it
any more with
your words
stop saying
you are sorry
I ask you
be silent
like the walls
on my part
assuming we
could be
more than
We can’t
you said
so life goes on
don’t stay
and beg
I won’t remain
as the monument
I will move on
without you

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