Weeping Willow

Studio 30 The Prompt –  Weeping Willow.
I have adapted a piece I wrote some time back.

Run in-between the rain drops
shouting my name out loud
I turn my head
I feel a blush, I laugh

drops from clouded skies
touch my skin, my
trickle down my nose

chase me up the grassy knoll
dress soaked through
I care not

warming winds carry
your words closer
to my ears
“Rose ….wait”

follow me my love
to the top of the
hill where the
willows brush the earth

you love me…is that really
what I heard
spirits shan’t be dampened
hearing those three words

pursue me capture me
my body as my heart
remove my transparency
for I am yours

nothing else matters
not the rain, nor the wind

you love me, I want you under

the weeping willow branches

willow tree 3



Studio 30 – Haiku Body Want

Introducing a new site that I have joined,  so please come on over and take a peek.
2 Prompts given by Studio 30  Trickle Down or Taboo.

I have done some Haiku verses ( 3 lines – 1st line 5 syllables, 2nd line 7, 3rd line 5) incorporating both words… oh yes aren’t I the ‘smarty-pants’  (insert Aussie humour)


Drips trickle down skin
seductive wetness breath fast
senses lust alive

taboo or not want
sipping lips drinking of mouths
your skin against mine

soft hands caressing
eyes staring to mine holding
captured in your spell

forgetting lost time
fold your limbs around my limbs
pleasure and desires

grasp grip squeeze bite
animalistic penchant
sweat heat lips engage

tongues lick salty skin
trickles down loves aftermath
sated sleepy peace