frozen in time – just a bit of nonsense

Do not ask why I came up with this – as I truly have no idea at all.

if frozen
not in terms of iCe
– clock stops
no digits on the cell
no sun dial watched
no tides of oceans
– nothing
zilch- nadda

humanity figurines
– plasticine
elbows bent
crooked necks
feet up steps

TV watching – eating food
cooking spaghetti – throwing
the pan – making love
or worse
what thoughts
would be our last
at the precise time of STOP

fear – happy
scared – miserable
tears – worry
did I pay the gas

ssssssolid like an icy-pole
K(c)oncrete pillarrrs
the second we can’t move

when the clock ticks – time
begins again
we race
– no slowing doWn

to smell roses
-robots come to life
we simply start again