Another bit of Sunday nothingness from down under

2013-02-24 12.47.33

This is a photo off my street
where Elm trees are their finest
in the Summer when the sunlight
cascades through their boughs
when their leaves change colour
in the autumn and fall gently
to the ground
I love this street
the branches
form an arch all the way along
like a guard of honour welcoming
you through

For the history on this street Blackwood Park Road and surrounding area
please visit here

I hope you have liked or at the very least, learnt a little something about where I live.

For knocked over by a feather

This is a little Post for Merby (as I have named her) at knocked over by a feather  If you don’t follow her – why not? She has brilliantly funny posts, every day life situations and informative. So hop over and visit if you haven’t already.

She was lovely enough to write a post on me on ‘Awesome Sunday’ see below:

As she mentioned in her post, whilst out one morning with Mr. S  I saw a painting of the Beatles in a shop window, I immediately thought of her (as she a Beatles nut) and took a shot on my phone. Sadly, I lost it somewhere amongst the blog universe, so I share it again today for HER, (as Mr. S and I went there for breakfast again this morning) not to the shop where they had the pictures ( because that would be too weird), but the Cafe next to it.

So Merby my lovely for doing what you did, this is a a small token of my gratitude in appreciation for what you wrote about me.

PS: Unfortunately they moved the painting, so it was really tricky trying to get a worthwhile shot, due to the window reflection and the street behind me 😦


2013-02-24 11.39.15

But I thank you from my ‘beaty’ thing for being so kind