an angel was sent


I wrote this from a males perspective (for a change).
Andrea Bocelli is one of my favourites.
These are not his words to this song but mine.

Please listen to the music as you read.


I walked the path of lost and travelled far
till I reached the sands
and drew your heart shape in the grains
etched strong and deep, I found my place in you
your love sailed to me on tumbling waves
and anchored to my soul
you are all I see
how your charm has captured me
my life, this life that can't be lived
without you now, or the days to follow
your voice soft
floats as music to my ears
with smiling lips
you have seduced my every atom
diamonds draped around porcelain skin hold no sparkle to your eyes
flowing dress, frangipani in your hair, an angel sent
hold my hand, across the sands, walk with me to the sunset and beyond



Please hit play as you read


I love

bare feet walking on wet sand

lying on softened grass

covering myself in blankets

staring into an open fire

telling you I love you

listening to a symphony of insects

morning mist latching onto trees

walking without a destination

dancing in the summer rain

watching lovers holding hands

hot showers on a wintry day

scented candles burning in the night

the softness of the strings

the lilt of the ivories

close your eyes and listen

music filling my body

cradling a new born baby in my arms

listening to thunderstorms

watching the sun as it rises

the taste of a beautiful wine

walking through a forest

incense burning

staring into rock pools

hugging my parents

being with my daughters


holding onto treasured memories

my head has it’s own heart beat

Writing whilst listening to a song from the Moby CD

stones kicked, dusty jeans
worn out boots, jus’ walkin’
watchin’ the sky, the sunset

simple things, beauty in the
illuminated skies
daylight and nightfall

watchin’ the clouds roll over
the sun giving one last
burst before the rain

hands in pockets daydreaming
smelling the rain ’bout to fall
all by myself

thinkin’ would diamonds
give me wealth or the simple
things like a walk deep in thought

breath in the sights
kick the stones don’t
need diamonds

for beauty is up high
and below and all around
kick the stones with dusty boots

heaven all by myself