I am no different than you

It is VisDare time . Please look at the other entries at  http://anonymouslegacy.blogspot.com.au/ Thank you Angela for yet another amazing photo to work with.
VisDare – Bruised

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and when I cry
the crystalline drops are the same
and when I wipe the tears from my eyes
my hand is held the same
and as I listen
I pray from within
where no one can hear
I am no different than you
red blood curses through my veins
my organs the same
I am not rude, angry, spiteful or intolerant
I wish you could understand
is it because my veneer doesn’t ‘match’
or my spoken words do not sound the same
I try to speak as you
my eyes aren’t round
my skin a different colour
my hair is black
they taunt, name call
where is my ‘place’ in this world
I try to shut out your words that bruise
I can only whisper
my name is Kwan
I must be true to the meaning
and buffer those that jeer
Kwan equals strong
I am like you
a human being



150 words – or less.

Rose Garden

damaged petals
hedge taunts
barricading words
scissored rose thorns
fell piercing
bleeding epidermis

that was
then this
is now
no thorns
no cloche

forgotten rose
your memory
sap renewed
through my

this new gardenimages-3

welcomes me

we blossom

you and I