I need to get something off my chest.

I struggle.

When I 1st started blogging, not knowing if in fact people would follow me, or more to the point I would follow anyone, I didn’t know how much I would be consumed.…ok I was a Virgin Blogger. We have all been there.

I have found the last few days (okay possibly longer) that I am struggling to keep up with reading and answering every post that people publish. I NOW realise when I was off work and I was totally consumed by writing to fill my day, that I bombarded everybody’s mailbox. How they must have felt – ‘Oh dear won’t she just shut up’?

I apologise for the amount that I posted….it is draining. Should we just delete the ones we have no interest in, or out of courtesy read everything that our virtual friends have written?

As I haven’t been on line for pretty much the entire weekend, I am faced with 50 emails from posts of the people that I follow.

I am a Cancerian and I am also possibly…slightly obsessive. I need to tell you all that I have the ‘guilts’ – I have the guilts when I can’t keep up. I am not spinning a tale, this is the truth, I feel SO bad if I cannot comment on every post from everyone that I follow.

It takes me a minimum of 3 hours to read every post, then to post a reply. Since I commenced last year, with every person that I followed, I have committed myself to read and respond.  If you feel that isn’t the case I apologise, but I have honestly tried to ‘keep up’ I came on WP to write, but I find myself of late reading more than I write.

I AM TRYING to respond in a reasonable amount of time, I am. I just need to let you all know that if I don’t answer immediately, I will eventually.

I wrote about blog etiquette and I am slipping myself in following through with what I believe are the rules and regulations of being a good blogger. There MUST be respect and acknowledgment. It is not about having people read what you write and hit the blessed ‘like’ button and move on. It’s about being involved with the writer, establishing a rapport, getting to know that person that you follow.

Otherwise this is plainly BS…sorry but that is how I feel.

I started writing because I enjoy writing. I did not start a WP site for praise. I am astounded by those that have followed me ( I am sure some of my followers don’t even read what I write – they do not care) but I DO CARE. I am involved with what you write and who you are and I need to tell you that I shall, when I can, read what you have written and reply. If I don’t then it’s simply a case of I haven’t the time or to be blatantly blunt a particular post you have written has not caught my interest enough to comment, or I have so many to reply too I have to CHOOSE.

Even in saying that I feel harsh… but I am saying it how it is, so forgive me.

I am here to write and then to respond, I will try my utmost to acknowledge the posts that you write, but for the moment I am feeling a little overwhelmed…

I want to be a respectful and caring blogger.. a person who isn’t here merely for stats and likes and a pat on the back.

I can only say don’t feel harshly towards me..I am but human.