Patience crazy – I have not (Not for the serious poetry readers)


impatient ~
yes I am ~
I am said I
~ I am
queues/irritate/must you pay in coins??
some of us have things to do/oh yes I’m so annoyed
hanging on the phone/my body now gets restless
listening to your greensleeves/gawd have mercy on us
I mean seriously/do you think this is worthwhile??
it’s out of date you know/and if you could see my expression
well it certainly ain’t a smile
dinner guests/who clearly/cannot read the time
yes I did say seven/now it’s bloody nine!
waiting for most anything/gets me really wild
bumper to bumper/freeways
what the hell’s with that/what’s the point of
calling it/something it’s clearly not!!
doctor’s appointments/my blood boils
oh what we have a life/somewhere else to be??
our times is not as precious/as those we’ve
come to see??
conversations that drag on too long
can’t you see my eyes glaze over/I know you think it’s
important honey/but I think my life is over
instructions/do it like this/no it’s fine like this you say
no it’s not/just hurry up/I haven’t got all day
trams/buses/trains/any public transport that you choose
standing in revolting weather/what time table do they use??
don’t get me started on that coloured wheel
when my MAC decides to freeze/or when WP has a hissy fit
and kicks me out when it so pleases
I want it now/NOW I WANT
I wont wait a minute more
stop thinking all you semiconductors
and you wired little diodes
I have to write/and you stop me dead/in my tracks
yay for whiz bang computers/if you were in my employ
you’d surely get the sack
writing/yes that must be right/but my inner muse
says NO/tis a constant battle/as at times/she’s awful slow
how it does get up my nose
maybe I should chill a little
to stop and smell the rose

©jmtacken Jan 2014

A whimsical look at my impatience, I possibly could have gone on, but I didn’t have the patience to write anymore.  🙂

Shared with Day 41 ‘Consuming Impatience’

100 word Song Challenge – I Won’t Back Down

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My contribution to the Challenge set by 100 word Song. Written in the time it took for the song to start and end …so bare with me.
No I won’t back
down my daughters
when your anger
gets the better
of you
when you feel that
I am wrong in
what I say
I will stand my ground
to show you
how my love is strong
so get red faced
and yell and scream
as perhaps I shall
do in return
but I do this for
I love you
I’m your mother
this is my job
to try and show you
what you may have
done or said
is a little wrong
think of me what
you will
my words won’t be
taken back
you may hate me now
but in time you’ll
your mother’s
always right….. 🙂