devil in waiting – prose

you seduce me
beyond the door
your voice
I pace~ step back and forth
enter at own risk
the sign on the front gate

will you bite

you the libertine
words amplified into hearts
of girls who blush and giggle
but I take you otherwise
you beckoned me

come hither

I walked the stairs
door 666
have I misjudged
your dominance overwhelms
I battle to withdraw

you weaved your web

the spider waiting for its prey
you call my name~ mesmerised
open the door you said
seductive tone
don’t be afraid
I will not bite

unless you want me to

MAG 158 Challenge Temptation



Temptation led me to your door, a husband & child I left at home
I forgive myself … to want so much more

you enticed me
your eyes cast a spell
you tempted me with… your voice

should I feel guilt, or be ashamed?  hell no… I only have myself to blame for

resistance to you…futile
I took the vows…I’ve paid my dues, am I wrong…my crazed obsession for you

my child will always
be my side….you say that you accept this
there is nothing else I hide

I ran through pouring rain…. to you, to collapse into your arms

exhaustion leaves my body weak, I want, I lust… I ask
strip the clothes that cling….watch me naked

warm me with your body heat
I’m yours… I give you…. me …. now and every tomorrow,  I have granted
I have to leave behind my life…but take my child

to start anew, for all I want in a cruel universe

is a life to share
with you

For The Mag    Another fabulous photo and challenge.magpie-tales-statue-stamp-185