The day has arrived..580th post and proud of my Pop!

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The day has arrived, well yesterday actually.

I took Pop to buy a scooter (sorry Max – it was now or never)  – as the car was sold last week. He settled on a 2nd hand one (2 years old) and after today’s first ‘test-drive’ I am so glad he didn’t pay for a new one at $4000.00. This was just over half that price.

See in the 1st picture the smile – the look of happiness, as we set the speed to turtle (5kph) to get out of the driveway. It can ramp up to the hare which is 12kph….I know what a hoon.

Down the street we went, with me trying to keep up in my heeled boots. (Possibly not the best chosen footwear for the test run).  We arrived at the main road to cross, dad had to pull in next to the traffic light, so he could press the button.

OOOOOps – “Yes dad you take your hands off for it to stop. Ok a little bright blue nail polish – no one will even notice the chips…honestly”. We got to the other side, followed the scooter/wheel-chair friendly path that came to an end with a gutter and not a ramp..”Oh dear back it up Pop, don’t think you are quite ready for that”.

He reversed, but then decided some 4 wheel driving must be in order as off he went in another direction.  “Pop, (yelled I) no love, you can’t go onto the roads with these, you have to do a u-turn and we go back the other way”. “Hmm what’s that,  you can’t turn it around, hop off then”.

On I got flag flying proudly in the breeze and turned it around. Mission accomplished – off we went. Pop turns into the driveway to the strip shopping centre. “No Pop, you can’t drive in the middle of the road, you’re not in your car now, keep to the left like you’re a pedestrian”. (patience..breathe). Oh look a very narrow ramp that you possibly may be able to get up in order to get to the supermarket. “…up…no.. Turn dad, reverse dad, no not now a car is coming,  wait, now reverse, stop, forward, back”. STUCK.  😦 Kindly knight (without the shining armour) alighted from his car after seeing the trouble  I we were in and lifted the back wheel over the gutter. “Phew thank you so much”.

Into the small supermarket… not only small but almost every aisle was an obstacle course of wire square bins with grocery items for sale, or the blessed pyramid of coffee tins, just begging for a L plated scooter driver to run into. “You have got to be kidding me” (the wolf had nothing on my huffing and puffing). “Where’s the Manager”. Yes,  I was hot, bothered and patience – I had none.

“Excuse me, but this is the most unfriendly supermarket for wheelchair access or scooters for the elderly”.

“It’s a small store, we have to make do”.

“So you make do by filling the aisles with objects, that they need a rally car license in order to navigate?”

He shrugged.

I was getting angrier. “Come on dad, time for home”.

Off we went, dad taking the long way round to get back to the exit, with cars driving slowly behind him, as he still thought he was in a car and not a scooter. Cross the main road (luckily without any incident or need for more nail polish).

“Dad can you put it on tortoise”?

“It’s only doing 5kph”.

“Yes, but I have boots on not runners”.

We arrived home, safe in body but possibly not sound in mind.

More practice I am sure…that’s all he needs…  clearer aisles oh and 10/10 for giving it a go my darling!