4000 visitors – Thank you one and all

I was perusing (as one does) around my site and fixing up a few things (mainly getting rid of those stupid little blue boxes with the ? in them) which means my photos and some awards have again disappeared of my posts.

I looked up and low and behold the number of visitors was


Trumpets blaring, drums a thumping – now I realise to some fellow blog personel this may be a small and possibly insignificant number, but to moi who started at the end of July (hell has it been THAT long?) I feel it nothing short of a miracle that so many of you (virtual though you may be) have popped in.

We all want a little pat on the back now and then and though I started this as a release for my writing passion, I have also made friends along the way and I am grateful for that.

So I wish to say THANK YOU  for caring, sharing your comments and being so supportive of a woman who lives down under who just loves to write.

Off to get the bubbles!!!

Hip Hip Hooray!!






I thank you for saying thank you

By Isobel
This book was obviously written for women and mothers but is such a touching story that men will enjoy it as well. A well prepared and formatted EPUB.
4.0 out of 5 stars The Empty Nest, September 20, 2012
From the cradle to the empty nest. I passed through that journey myself so I understand the emotional roller coaster ride that this author takes you through. I think all daughters and daughters-in-law should read it – O, yes the boys too. I am the mother of two boys! There are tears and laughter, joys and sorrows in this very honest tale and it helps us to understand how we can support each other as mothers as we go through life together. Shirley Chalmers
Shirley is one the blogs that I follow – so thank you Shirley 🙂
5.0 out of 5 stars Really enjoyable, easy read, September 5, 2012
Despite not having any children, I really enjoyed this book. It was funny, light and easy to relate to. Being one of 3 daughters, it has helped put some things in perspective and understand why my mum does/says the things she does! Will definitely be recommending this to all the mums I know!

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I thank those above that have taken the time to post a rating on The Empty Nest – A Mother’s Hidden Grief.
Available through Lulu and Amazon.
I also thank WordPress for opening such a wonderful opportunity to me and thousands of other writers.

Ok I swear this is it.. well for the day it’s my 50th Post – cause for a celebration & a thank you!!

I know, what you’re thinking for ‘gawds’ sake woman enough already it’s late in Australia go to bed….. HOWEVER as this is my 50th post I would like to HONESTLY say THANK – YOU to each and every one of you for taking the time to catch a ‘tag’ to investigate, to read, to like, to follow and to comment. I appreciate that I have followers (quite surprised in fact). When I started blogging in July I had 21 views, August I had 117, September and I have had 542!!! OK so I’m excited and the month isn’t over yet. Seriously (which is hard for me at this juncture as yes it is late and I go a little crazy when the moon is out) I do thank you – all of you and I hope that you have laughed, shed a ‘good’ tear or just simply enjoyed my ramblings from a mum.  Hopefully I can continue and you will still enjoy..