About DVerse – For Dverse ( a little ditty)

heart and souls poured into it

that is pure co -mmit -ment

encouragement  ~  support

be it long verse or short

the doors remain open

for our prose or poems

///the rules may have changed   ( ///especially for Brian & Claudia)

but who are we to complain

all they ask is we write

read others THEN com-ment

not too much to ask?

such a simple task

yes this is a rhyme

as I’ve run out of time

Cheers to DVerse

and the people who lead

those with a love of po-e-try

a community ~  that is for sure

and we couldn’t

wouldn’t ask for more

ta daaaaaaaa!

Just a little bit of fun for the team at DVerse, http://dversepoets.com  OLN, yes admittedly scribbled down within 2 minutes (Brilliant aren’t I?) 😉 Their doors remain open, we smile,  so to Brian and Claudia and the whole team – from this Aussie wanna be poet – I thank you insert – ( take a bow).  If you are into writing prose/poetry and haven’t checked them out – please do – they are a very supportive and encouraging group of friendly people.