I am livid!

I have anger tonight over an issue with my daughters car which was in a panel beaters being fixed and the hire car they gave her, the fact that the repairer is now holding her car to ‘ransom’ as she put a minuscule dint in the hire car. 😦 They are using bullying tactics and demand that the $1500.00 excess be paid prior to her being able to take her car back.

It’s involved and Mr. S tomorrow is seeking legal advise. I spoke to the gentleman arrogant pig at the Repair shop who could only offer “I know how you feel etc but that’s how it is”. No it isn’t sunshine and you haven’t heard the end of this. She (daughter) has said she can pay in instalments as she hasn’t got $1500.00 – they/he won’t accept that and won’t release her car till it is paid in full. The contract that she signed states nothing to this effect btw. I spoke to him…I am livid… this is my writing for tonight.

Cruelty or abuse
not in the form
of a strike by hand
Bullying and power
against the young who know
not how to defend

Advantage taken for greed
circumstance they care not
legality they uphold trying
to bluff the

Be prepared for my revenge
and what may follow for
you may say ‘you understand’
where I am coming from
but you do not know the extent
to which it shall be taken

Do not sleep well at night
for the dollars you hope to get
as word of mouth travels fast
and your ‘service’ is one that
that shan’t be let off lightly

she has her rights as you claim
to have, but compensation that you
seek will in the end not be your
reward it will be your undoing
you will lose out when
all is said is done
your bullying and stand over tactics
will be ignored

you don’t deserve any more
you are showing your greed
praying on those that that you think
have no voice

you are wrong…so very wrong

Point Nepean – Melbourne

This is Point Nepean – where Mr. S and I went to 2 weeks ago here are other photos – ( not mine Images for Point Nepean.          This was one of my ‘ratty’ days however, you know the type you wake up you know the day won’t go well.  Firstly Mr. S suggested we go for a drive down there (yep all for it) then the time lapse between asking and actually getting out the door (resulted in a slightly grumpy Mr. S). Mr. S informed me that we would be doing some walking, some on beach some on tracks inland. Right flat shoes (relatively new) I donned, then out the door (finally). Then OMG I didn’t bring my notebook for writing (yes it goes everywhere) so quick? stop at the shops to get one. This is one of my photos (if it stays on the post that is)


Off we went (I may add it was quite a warm day..actually bordering on hot). After an almost 1.5hour drive, we arrived. For some reason (known only to myself) I hated my new phone that day.. don’t ask but it was a piece of shite and I got angry with this inanimate object. I yelled at it, I accidentally dropped it and scratched it (which didn’t help my demeanour). The walk inland was buzzing with flies and tan-bark and sand. My new shoes!!!  We managed to walk to the end a few kms and look at the old Naval gun sites (did I mention it was originally a Naval Base?) Hmm possibly not, so through sand, bark, flies and blisters and taking ‘happy’ snaps along the way…this was our day. Mr. S in defence said “Well I looked at your shoes and they were flat so I assumed ok for walking”.   No honey they are new…they aren’t broken in or able to track through bushland. Thankfully there was a shuttle bus at the end as my blisters would not let me walk all the way back to the car.

We shall return when I am properly attired!

2230 – Gadgets for my dream home

I thank once again Mr. P http://ruleofstupid.wordpress.com  for this inspiration.

For those that are sick of seeing my posts – I was described by http://thesenseofajourney.com the beautiful Gabriela in her last post as a prolific writer (She kindly dedicated some very kinds words about me and others). So I shan’t make apologies for writing so many, for this is me – ramblingsfromamum, mumsy or rambly…whatever you wish to call me (as long as it is nice) this is what you can expect of me.

No doubt some of these already exist – these were off the top of my head.

  • A super oven – it’s cooked and basted to perfection within 5 minutes.
  • A robot vacuum cleaner.
  • A self-cleaning toilet, shower & bath.
  • A device to self weed the garden and another to mow the lawns.
  • A cupboard – hang an un-ironed shirt in – 2 minutes later it’s pressed.
  • A dishwasher that packs and un-packs itself.
  • No more battery required devices.
  • A stove that automatically turns itself off once the meal is cooked.
  • A shopping trolley that actually goes where you want it to (ok not for home but I had to include this).
  • A device with the flick of a switch the song that you keep singing in your head is played in the room you are in.
  • A  human tele porter system so you don’t have to find the car keys, open the garage, drive the car, park the car to do the shopping.
  • A personal force field which you can set off if faced with any unsuspecting danger (people or spiders).
  • A hat that I would wear for 5 minutes that would allow me to remember everything from the previous day (week/month/year?)

Really – a wand – that’s all I need a magical wand from Harry Potter where I could wave and make everything happen.

From dusting to hanging up the washing.

Where I can waft it over cupboards and all those pesky plastic containers are neatly packed.

A wand that would assemble the Christmas tree in all it’s glory baubles and all and then dismantle itself.

A wand that did all the mundane chores would simply be the only instrument I would need.

So that kindly folk is my list. I am sure there are so many others – but my brain is tired.

credit wikia & Google

The things Men Say – or one in particular

Well at least Mr. S

I have TRIED to convince my significant other  better half partner in life to do a blog as he really is quite hilarious mildly funny, but alas he says that’s my domain 😦 pfft each to his own I guess.

He tends to rant as rave as much as I do – possibly that is why we put up with each other are so connected and today whilst driving to his folks house, I jotted down a few of his little rants.

Please keep in mind we are talking about driving in Christmas manic traffic on the way…

Me – “Since you have a 4WD (SUV) why don’t you put those Reindeer Antlers on – be all Christmassy like”?

Mr. S – “Then you have to stick a red nose on the front as well, how many reindeer to you see lining up to copulate with an SUV..clearly it’s not attractive to them”.

Traffic – Mr. S – “Moron **f… moron, oh for *bleeps* sake, neanderthals”.

Still angry that his new SUV is clearly 5kms (3.1 miles) under the speed limit actually driving.

Mr. S – “This speedometer is definitely 5ks under”.

Me – “Well that’s obviously how they are making the new cars now so you aren’t tempted to speed or go over”.

Mr. S – *Bleep Bleep* – Yeah but then we have to take off another 5 (in Australia by the way the advertising is take off 5 and stay alive) “So with this then you take off your *bleep* 5 which then makes you 10 under, then some other bugga drives up your bum because you’re going to slow & it’s a *bleep* hazard”.

Listening to a CD of Creedence Clearwater (yes we are old)

Me – “Oooh what’s this one”? (trying to guess when the music starts) “Heard it through the Grapevine”?

Song starts playing it’s Run through the Jungle.

Mr. S “Well it could have been Run through the Grapevine or heard it through the Jungle”.

Me – “I give up”. (exasperated expression on face).

Mr. S – “Songs have feelings you know – if you keep saying you didn’t like a song they wouldn’t have a choice but to drop off the charts and they could injure themselves”.

Me – Fingers in ears “Laa Laa Laa”.

Next thing is he points to the left – “There’s our new home honey”.

I turn it’s a Caravan yard.

Ahh such a twit, I mean wit.

Apparently you can get your star sign now in a number plate (registration plate for your car).

We pulled up behind one.

Me – “Look it’s mine” I said smiling.

Mr. S –  Reads the words out loud – Cancer – Loving, Adventurous, Calm”. Voice now raised slightly “CALM WTF – obviously purchased from the Reject Shop” whilst grabbing my thigh and laughing his head off.

Soooo funny Mr. S …… 😉

and that Ladies & Gentleman was my driving experience for today and my 150th Post.

I think Antlers and a nose would be cute