It is what it is

Me in Overalls031

From the child dressed in dungarees
the innocence of young
knowing nothing of what life held
My dreams yet to be unfolded
like fresh pressed sheets

How much was destiny, lessons being learnt
only to reach a juncture, the unresolved
bring questioned, my steps not solidified
Did I think I’d ever lose my way

To let it be, casting away shadows of doubt
guilt, seeking equilibrium, that I have
captured glimpses and moments of
I want paragraphs, books filled

I share with most I do not know
taking kindness from their hearts
words that encourage, this is who I
a bundle of emotions grown out of
dungarees and yet I meander

Do others cry to be heard
I wish not for pity, I jump these hurdles
striving for an end, the runner with a cause
simply let me reach the finish line

copyright JMTacken 22.6.14



Hearts hang like fruit
weighted on branches
with sunlight whispered lips
fondling the surface they ripen
this is what we hold
flawless when in love
the friendship that has grown
the one who knows our needs
who we are in mind, the physical
our strengths admired
our weaknesses forgiven

What happens if then the
wrong tree was chosen
ours not by choice to inflict
a rancid taste into their mouths
they can elect to discard
and we withdraw into ourselves
in the end not the preferred held
in hand, our flesh will rot like fallen fruit
bruised, we lie and wither

©JMTacken 6.6.2014

I wish I could say all of me has returned, but I think I’m only an eighth at this point.

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