you are trapped within
this wrought iron cage
not gilded, movements
stalking animal
wary, cautious
cannot turn
can I buy the key
does anyone have the key
unlock the padlock
let you find the light
return to who I knew

the torrent of your thoughts
twisting within your head
calm to manic – seconds
I don’t know if I can
my arms not long enough
to reach – placate
management not decisive
I run out of strength

the wheels rolled
your anger matched
journey we traveled
too much to bare
I stopped the car
returning home you
angry as before
where do I find the key
or give you strength
to bend the bars

copyright JMTacken 15.4.2014

My new Funeral Celebrant Website


Above are parts of the two Testimonials I received.

I am smiling.

Below is the link to view,  if you wish 🙂

PS:   I would like to thank Shaun from who helped me sort out this post from the original website – so thank you Shaun 🙂

PPS: Yes the photo does look familiar doesn’t it.