Easter Break Chat Update

We had good weather and not so good

Had a rainy day in Warrnambool.

Had a rainy day in Warrnambool.

We were staying opposite this view

This was the view from our room.

This was the view from our room.

we saw lots of


Opposite is where Mr. S played golf

we relaxed, we ate, we drank, we slept

when we returned home and were inside packing away our suitcases

we had this visitor. I rang Wildlife Australia, to see if someone could come out and get him to make him safe, but after sitting on the bonnet for 30 minutes, he got spooked and flew off.

A Golden Pheasant..a bird that one doesn't see where we live.

A Golden Pheasant..a bird that one doesn’t see where we live.

They say they bring good luck. Considering I have never encountered such a bird, in the suburbs.. I now wait…

I hope you all had a lovely break.

here and now- The Daintree for DVerse


I apologise if I can't get the link to work 😦 connection and this new toy of mine are not wanting to co-operate. 😦  

open fig trees bent boughs roots entangled octopus arms submerge into mangrove mud as lizards run tails quivering dancing in the 1960's memories of

tree snakes slithering hide and seek – coiling under cranberry coloured leaves whilst crocodiles drift sleepily eyes popped over gentle waves

stretched legs along the boardwalk rainforest canopy umbrellas protecting insect frenzy, back legs rubbing and darting fish confused swimming upstream

country town atmosphere; slow pace coffee to go; window shop along the river bank – no city pace friendly waves "good morning"

with the lapping of the Daintree, catch the tourist boats shuttling visitors back and fro – sugar cane dances on the breeze hawks circle for the cut spying

mouse or unsuspecting rabbit as their prey – mountains soar to touch the clouds; could I write this in a darkened room nay the visuals are what I had today ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I apologise Joe if this is not in keeping with the Theme for this week, but I'm holidaying and not staying indoors. This was my day and I wanted to share.
The structure even went askew…I'm giving up …goodnight…adieu.

just a wee ramble from Port Douglas

Yesterday, seems already a life time ago. That’s the beauty of vacationing, if you get your mind to relax quick enough and you are in the most perfect spot, time just flows slowly, which is a good thing. Though when Sunday rolls around I am sure I will plant my feet firmly on the ground and tell Mr. S. I’m not budging, that I do not wish to return to freezing Melbourne. On the Sunday night we awoke often, in anticipation of actually having to get up and be out of the house by 6am to get to the Airport.

When it was time to rise and shine (not that there was any shine on Melbourne winter morning) we were already tired. Leaving home in the bitter dark morning, both dressed in jeans and t-shirts with a jacket to peel off on our arrival. I even kept my Ugg slippers on (which look like boots under my jeans – so not too bogan) till we disembarked at Cairns Airport. Shuttle bus to get to the hire car with the lady driver of the bus talking to her office on her mobile (not hands free).. oh well we have all been guilty of that. We then drove to some shops to get some supplies, nibblies oh and did I mention wiineeeee? We got wine (I got wine) in fact Tuesday morning now 10:17am and I am having a glass on the balcony. Mybad.

So yesterday was driving, taking in the views and crashing at 8:30 pm exhausted.

This morning up at 7.30 and walked along the beach, gazing across the still blue water, the palm trees along the sand and the coconuts. Watching a hawk circle, saying good morning to all the fit people out doing their walk or jog. It was grand (as Katie would say)

Mr. S has now gone next door (yes literally) to play a round of golf on the most beautiful course (even I was tempted) but I am excited as I have spoken to a lady over many years on the computer (we use to play Literati) scrabble on line. She and her daughter live close, so in 10 minutes time they will be here and we shall meet for the first time.

It is now 5:44pm, I met T and her daughter T who are amazing and beautiful people (I do not say this as I know she reads my blogs) I say this because it was comfortable meeting with them, like she and I had known each other physically and not just virtually over the last 12 years. I love life when a conversation can just fall into place so easily, when you are so comfortable with a person, there are no inhibitions with what you say or how you say it.

The relationship these two women have is adoring and remarkable to witness. It left me warm and fuzzy seeing the way they interacted with each other. It was a very enjoyable couple of hours and I am sure I could have chatted with them all day, but they sadly felt guilty that they were taking up holiday time. 😦 So thank you T & T for driving up? down? to see me, I so loved your visit) and you are both so gorgeous.

After they left Mr.S and I drove into Port Douglas ‘township’ how pretty it is, very much like the streets in beachside Melbourne, but far prettier due to the foliage. I will post photos when I get back..I promise.

So before I bore everyone, Mr. S and I are going to get ready to go out for dinner now 🙂 I may write again tonight, if the mood takes me, or I may just fall asleep again!

Ciao from Port Douglas everyone!

Possibly wonky photo placement of our little vacation

4 days away from the computer – our little vacation.
How did we spend our 4 days away?  Our destination unbeknown to me was Warrnambool.

Just under a 4 hour drive from where we live.  Mr. S bless his cotton socks had arranged this vacation. Instead of booking straight into the Motel, we drove towards the beach for me to smile very widely (after waking up from my sleep that is) and gasped at the sign – Horseriding – down the beach. Now Mr. S has only ridden once before and knows how much I love riding and hadn’t been for a while…so *hugs & kudos* to my man for arranging this added surprise for me.

The horses look a little stumpy..bad angle photo. Don't we look stunning in our helmets...

The horses look a little stumpy..bad angled photo. Don’t we look stunning in our helmets?? Mr. S does not like photos of himself – hence the forced smile! Oh and it was cold!

We visited a replication of an old town that existed in the 1800’s. This area was also where the ship the Loch Ard sadly ended it’s voyage from England in 1878  http://home.vicnet.net.au/~prace/beach/locha.htm

Replica of a school room in the early 1800's.

Replica of a school room in the early 1800’s.

Teachers Rules

Teachers Rules

Newspaper clippings in the 'Pub'...

Newspaper clippings in the ‘Pub’…

Old books in a library

Old books in the Library

The clothes....

The clothes….

The bedroom

The bedroom





An original grave - yes I love walking around cemeteries.

An original grave – yes I love walking around cemeteries.

We stopped to admire the views

2013-04-27 12.55.09

On the way to Port Fairy

Portland The Blowhole
Portland The Blowhole- Site of many Shipwrecks
2013-04-26 11.35.46

Yes – I have only played golf 3 times, hence the way I am holding the club…

and as Mr. S was kind enough to go horse riding with me I did the following –






and what did I buy on the way home for winter comfort? None other than the iconic Australian Ugg slipper.

2013-04-28 16.36.00

Summer – My Season

My body lies upon the sand and the warmth radiates and envelopes my every pore

I inwardly smile at how I feel, my senses are tingling and alive as I listen to the sounds of the waves tumbling

I have waited all year to feel this way

To be by the ocean to hear its sounds, to smell it


My hands dig into the soft and gritty like crystals and slowly I let each grain pass through my fingers

My eyes closed my breath draws in to absorb the perfume of the water, the smell of the warmest season

My eyes blink open and I stare to the sky above to watch the clouds dance in the wind that carries them

I watch as birds fly overhead and cry out making themselves known


So perfect the day the quietness, the stillness around me with only the waves and the sounds of feathered creatures

My mind escapes into the paradise, my thoughts tumble, like the waves they ebb and flow

How perfect, how serene at happiness complete

The seasons that make a difference to my feelings my emotions


I have waited for the warmth to feel the sand, to hear the ocean, to gaze into the water

I have passed through the cold and wintry months, the time of Spring and Autumn, with summer I am alive

This is my place, this is where I belong

I am content at peace


Why does this have such a hold on me?

Why am I happiest here?

I cannot say, is it because I am a water sign?



Some places make us feel alive more than others

Being near the water is mine

I have tranquility listening to the waves or stepping amongst the rock pools to watch the life below

I simply belong


Do you have a place where you belong?

Where your senses come alive

Where the sounds of all around you without an orchestra

Fulfils you and takes you to a place you may only have in your dreams…


Written whilst listening to Phil Collins “Genesis”

OMG Woke thinking I wouldn’t blog instead the story writer emerged again!

First draft and haven’t planned the story line but I’m crazed woman, I have been going for the last few hours! Had a shower (finally to get myself out of my dressing gown) and kept thinking of how I would continue. I shan’t bore you with everything that I have madly typed but here is a smidge.

Can I say how happy I am? Is that just plain craziness? Forgive my enthusiasm. The bug has hit and for the time being it shall continue – I refuse to get the BLOCK..I refuse (famous last words)…

Veronica settled herself against the large elm trunk that supported the twisted heavy branches dense with foliage above her and gazed out across the meadows as far as her eyes could see.

The air was motionless not a leaf nor a blade of grass moved and the only sound that could be heard were the birds calling to one another and the faint voices of other visitors staying in the cabins. This would be her home for the next week and she smiled, closed her eyes and gently sighed in unison at the thought.

Time had elapsed, startled on its own, her body jolted realising she had drifted asleep and when she peered through squinted eyes dusk was upon her.

She had come away for a week of relaxation, of undisturbed seclusion, however as she scrambled to stand up and regain her awareness, she wondered if in fact it may be just that bit too tranquil? Could she simply allow herself to take in the scenery, breathe in the country air and admire the beautiful countryside? Could she revel in kicking off her sneakers and feel the lush grass beneath her feet or would this sleepy existence become too much for her to bear?

She grabbed her glass of half quaffed wine and book, page unturned and strolled back to the cabins. It was only day one she giggled trying to convince herself, of course I will cope. As she strolled along the path opening the wrought iron gate that enclosed the pristine garden beds she knew that this is what was needed, a break from the bustling world, her job, her suburban but hectic existence. She bent down to admire the irises in the garden bed outside her room that stood tall and majestic, their pale lilac petals enveloped like a glove with the darker leaves cradling the stem to which they clung to.

Is there such a thing as too many blogs?

For it seems I cannot help myself and probably should slooooow down, but there is so much rattling around this brain of mine it’s hard to do that.

For instance I just stood outside, yes we now have Spring in Australia (though today you would have hardly thought it). The blossom trees are flowering, the fressias have emerged from the cold dark soil with their brilliant colours. The lemon tree is prolific with fruit and of course the birds now start tweeting and making themselves known at 5am (bless them…)

So why when all this beautiful nature is surrounding me that the day is cold and it even hailed this afternoon? However I do live in Melbourne (acclaimed for having 4 seasons in one day) and now even when it still is very fresh outside the sun decides to appear. I just don’t understand. I wish to have the weather of Thailand, tropical, humid and even when it does rain you can splash amongst the puddles or lift your face to the sky to be rained upon.

When Spring does commence in earnest, I shall be happy for the warmer days and shan’t complain. When our summer hits with its temperatures of up to 44 degrees (that’s Celcius not Farenheit which I think is around 107) then I shall probably complain that it’s too hot!

Ahh yes an age thing of always commenting on the weather…. well there you have it.

Perhaps I should have titled this Seasons.