2230 – Gadgets for my dream home

I thank once again Mr. P http://ruleofstupid.wordpress.com  for this inspiration.

For those that are sick of seeing my posts – I was described by http://thesenseofajourney.com the beautiful Gabriela in her last post as a prolific writer (She kindly dedicated some very kinds words about me and others). So I shan’t make apologies for writing so many, for this is me – ramblingsfromamum, mumsy or rambly…whatever you wish to call me (as long as it is nice) this is what you can expect of me.

No doubt some of these already exist – these were off the top of my head.

  • A super oven – it’s cooked and basted to perfection within 5 minutes.
  • A robot vacuum cleaner.
  • A self-cleaning toilet, shower & bath.
  • A device to self weed the garden and another to mow the lawns.
  • A cupboard – hang an un-ironed shirt in – 2 minutes later it’s pressed.
  • A dishwasher that packs and un-packs itself.
  • No more battery required devices.
  • A stove that automatically turns itself off once the meal is cooked.
  • A shopping trolley that actually goes where you want it to (ok not for home but I had to include this).
  • A device with the flick of a switch the song that you keep singing in your head is played in the room you are in.
  • A  human tele porter system so you don’t have to find the car keys, open the garage, drive the car, park the car to do the shopping.
  • A personal force field which you can set off if faced with any unsuspecting danger (people or spiders).
  • A hat that I would wear for 5 minutes that would allow me to remember everything from the previous day (week/month/year?)

Really – a wand – that’s all I need a magical wand from Harry Potter where I could wave and make everything happen.

From dusting to hanging up the washing.

Where I can waft it over cupboards and all those pesky plastic containers are neatly packed.

A wand that would assemble the Christmas tree in all it’s glory baubles and all and then dismantle itself.

A wand that did all the mundane chores would simply be the only instrument I would need.

So that kindly folk is my list. I am sure there are so many others – but my brain is tired.

credit wikia & Google

So what do you think? Here are my questions and answers.

is it just me – when you see someone walking a dog you get warm & fuzzy & smile

is it just me – when you see a parent with their child attached to a harness whilst out shopping you can’t help but pull a face

is it just me – when you see someone walk into the supermarket dressed in their P.J bottoms & wonder if they were too lazy to wear the whole ensemble?

is it just me – when you look at cocktail umbrellas & wonder what are they really for?

is it just me – when you never want to complain about your meal in a Restaurant for fear of what the Chef may do to it?

is it just me – or have you purchased something way too expensive & then had buyer’s remorse?

is it just me – or have you cried when a favourite TV show ended?

is it just me – or does it really frustrate you when someone puts the lid to tight on a drink in the fridge?

is it just me – or have you pressed the control on your remote over and over and over again even though you know the batteries are flat?

is it just me – or do you keep opening the fridge door in the off chance that something will miraculously appear that wasn’t there 2 minutes ago?

is it just me – or if your vacuum cleaner doesn’t pick up the bit you have mowed over 20 times that you pick it up see what it is only to put it back on the floor and try again?

is it just me – when you see a smallish spider you try and act brave and grab it with a tissue, yet your heart is racing at a million beats per minute?

is it just me – or when you eat really spicy hot food (Vindaloo – as an example) you get a runny nose?

is it just me – that as a female we are told you shouldn’t cross your legs all the time so you uncross for 20 seconds only to cross them again?

is it just me – even though you have eaten an ample quantity of food that you just can’t help having just another little bit?

is it just me – when the loo paper roll must have the paper coming from the top of the roll and not from underneath?

is it just me – when you know you have convinced yourself that you are fine, after way too many drinks only to have reality slap in you in the face when you hit the night air?

is it just me – or you feel really quite sick when you have bitten into a piece of fruit to find half a grub hole left?

is it just me – or have you realised how silly you must look fanning a branch above your head so birds in season don’t swoop to peck you on the head?

and the piece de resistance

is it just me – when you remember to get something & when you get to the spot where it is you have forgotten what it was you wanted?

is it just me – or perhaps it’s you too?