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It is VisDare Pic Challenge time from the wonderful Angela. 150 words or less.


Frozen in time, to the observers walking past the shop window they meant nothing.

The faceless ones , the worthless, the hollow, those who had excessive pride in their appearance, their qualities, their achievements all gained through pain of others.

Where did it get them in the end? Look at them now,  dressed as you or I, nothing special or out of the ordinary.

Why did they feel they were better than everyone, knew more, thought only of themselves.

Purely vanity and their self absorption allowed them to feel superior.

Vanity it was written in the 14th Century one of the 7 deadly sins.

They had no concept of sins, 7 or otherwise.

Five, frozen, five now cast into purgatory.

For those that pass by, what is their fate?

VisDare 31: Focused

Live Your Dream – Tired, Grumpy and Happy all in the one day.

TIRED – Last night and into the wee small hours of this morning began the tossing of my body around the bed with my brain not switching off. I lay there “SLEEP” you idiot just SLEEP! How hard is it? You are tired, your eyes are closed but you know that, however you are looking from behind those closed lids and, hoping that your eye balls had another curtain you could just close shut and darkness prevail.

This went on till 4am before the alarm buzzed it’s merry tune at 6.15. 

GRUMPY – Up I struggled into the shower for the morning routine of getting ready for work. Today was a day I was dreading and also happy about. I was going to resign after 2 years. The day was a complete struggle – the deed was done in the afternoon – I told my boss. 

Homeward bound my stomach was still in knots. I have a new job – I shouldn’t be stressing so.

HAPPY – Finally after years of writing and presenting my Memoir to various Publishers (only to be knocked back – though I wrote with warmth, humour and from the heart they would say) I decided to hell with the vanity – self promote I say! After all I wrote my story not to get rich but to see that someone wanted to buy my story to read. Was interested in seeing what I had to say, read my words that I had painstakingly written and re written over and over again. To see my story on Amazon and Lulu (yes a self promoting plug) was truly amazing. Words cannot describe. I DID THAT!!!! 

So for all those that blog/post/scribble on note pads/type madly on their keyboards – I say live your dream – put it out there whatever way you can. We are writers, we are souls that want our readers to absorb our words no matter what forum we choose. I ended the day happy.

**My Memoir The Empty Nest A Mother’s Hidden Grief is now available through Amazon and Lulu (J M Kadane)**

I thank you