Snake Bite

Snake bite dead of night

your verbal tirade began

I know not why

did the drink

lend you courage

venomous words

latched onto my heart

slithering unsuspected you enter

stalking your victim

dark room you sense

me hiding


taunting, wanting to


tongue flicking of hatred to

inflict pain to belittle me

to tell me I was worthless

saying that I’ve changed

venom strikes, your goal to penetrate

coursing my veins, swimming my skin

the skin you yearn

pleasure gained

you sneer, voice loud

sadistic grin your job was done

sliding away not looking back

laughing, leaving me


shaking glad to be


ramblingsfromamum 30.12.2012

I originally posted this, this afternoon to which I have now made some changes in collaboration with rulesofstupid  RoS

In saying that RoS did an edit and came up with the below which I must share for as far as I am concerned it is sheer brilliance. Please look at his Poetry if you are interested in this genre.

Night-snake tirade
Alcohol blades
venomous words
that latch my heart

Slither silent
Enter violence
Sensing a victim

Pain hits

I am less
Than you married

Poison words
As surrogate
For the slide you desire
Into my skin
To curse my veins
As you swim

This attacks climax
A sneer sadistic grin
A mere scorn-soaked whim
Then slip again

Laugh leaving
Me accused
Shakingly glad
To be