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Above are parts of the two Testimonials I received.

I am smiling.

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Possibly wonky photo placement of our little vacation

4 days away from the computer – our little vacation.
How did we spend our 4 days away?  Our destination unbeknown to me was Warrnambool.
Just under a 4 hour drive from where we live.  Mr. S bless his cotton socks had arranged this vacation. Instead of booking straight into the Motel, we drove towards the beach for me to smile very widely (after waking up from my sleep that is) and gasped at the sign – Horseriding – down the beach. Now Mr. S has only ridden once before and knows how much I love riding and hadn’t been for a while…so *hugs & kudos* to my man for arranging this added surprise for me.

The horses look a little stumpy..bad angle photo. Don't we look stunning in our helmets...

The horses look a little stumpy..bad angled photo. Don’t we look stunning in our helmets?? Mr. S does not like photos of himself – hence the forced smile! Oh and it was cold!

We visited a replication of an old town that existed in the 1800’s. This area was also where the ship the Loch Ard sadly ended it’s voyage from England in 1878

Replica of a school room in the early 1800's.

Replica of a school room in the early 1800’s.

Teachers Rules

Teachers Rules

Newspaper clippings in the 'Pub'...

Newspaper clippings in the ‘Pub’…

Old books in a library

Old books in the Library

The clothes....

The clothes….

The bedroom

The bedroom





An original grave - yes I love walking around cemeteries.

An original grave – yes I love walking around cemeteries.

We stopped to admire the views

2013-04-27 12.55.09

On the way to Port Fairy

Portland The Blowhole
Portland The Blowhole- Site of many Shipwrecks
2013-04-26 11.35.46

Yes – I have only played golf 3 times, hence the way I am holding the club…

and as Mr. S was kind enough to go horse riding with me I did the following –






and what did I buy on the way home for winter comfort? None other than the iconic Australian Ugg slipper.

2013-04-28 16.36.00

Long Weekend

Friday night after work Mr. S and I drove just over 3.5 hours to Lakes Entrance (well 20 minutes drive from).
We have just had a long weekend here and I want to thank those of you who enquired as to where I had been or if I was safe (because of the storms and flooding in Queensland) I am fine (we are fine) the floods are about 4,000kms away, but it was sweet nonetheless to show concern for my safety… so let me say thank you.
Batteries have been re-charged. The weather wasn’t the greatest (even though we are in Summer) but just to visit a beautiful spot, over looking the water, to do as we pleased with friends of ours was so relaxing and enjoyable.  We arrived 10pm, the other couple had been there for a few hours already, so we were greeted with an open bottle of wine, sat on the deck (with a blanket wrapped around me) as it was a little chilly and talked and laughed till bedtime. Then a severe thunderstorm hit at about 5am with massive hailstones…did I mention it is Summer?  I did take a photo but for some reason I cannot find it now 😦 The thunder and lightening struck and sleep was non existant. We awoke at 6 to survey any damage and just stood on the deck watching the water in front of us and the grey clouds, then all crawled back to bed for a couple of hours. The owners of the property had bird-seed, little did we know that regular as clock work about 10-15 Rosellas would descend for breakfast! We went fishing, we saw an echidna, a deer, a wombat, a possum. The boys played golf whilst us girls shared a bottle of wine and talked..and talked..and talked. We went out for dinners, lunch, the only housework was washing a few dishes and sweeping the floor when we left…ahhh ..that is a holiday 🙂

Half of what I had written vanished…but instead of writing it all again, believe me that we had a wonderful time…just a few days is all that is required, for friendships to be solidified, for laughter to abound and relaxation to pass through one’s body…yes and work tomorrow… 😦

2013-01-27 12.17.27

The view from our Deck

The view from our Deck

Rosellas feeding

Rosellas feeding

Holidaying In Echuca Victoria

Pic Courtesy of Google and Murray River Photos

Last weekend we went to Echuca it’s a 3 hour drive from

Melbourne just near the border of N.S.W. (New South Wales).

I wrote a bit in my journal it went like this…

Sitting next to the pool at the Motel on a blanket on the grass, sipping a red wine and writing- does it get any better?

The sun is shining, a simply glorious day 27 deg C. After an exhausting day at work (Friday 9th) and not feeling too well due to a sore throat bug thing we set off for the drive north to Echuca Moama. Within 30 minutes I was pushing out zzzz’s and woke an hour before we arrived.

The paddocks stretched far and wide either side of the highway as far as they eye could see..that in itself was relaxing.

I saw a herd of sheep to my right, on top of one of the sheep’s heads sat a bird. The sheep was holding his head up to try and see what it was…I’m sorry I laughed it was funny.

We arrived at the Motel, packed away our belongings (I pack for 2 weeks when we go for 2 days), we then went out to a Pub then back to the Motel for some more zzzz’s.

Didn’t sleep that well, perhaps strange bed, perhaps niggly throat thingy and awoke at 6.16am…yay holiday!

We then drove to the designated meeting spot (after a bacon and egg McMuffin for breakfast) well we WERE on holidays 🙂 to begin our kayaking adventure down the Murray River (see top pic), 12 kilometers and 2 hours later we arrived back at our starting spot, with sore arms and back from row row rowing that boat …sorry Kayak.

Courtesy Google &

The Murray in Echuca is renowned for it’s old Paddle Steamers as a Tourist attraction. We didn’t hop on board me hearty’s as we were hungry so off we went to a Pub for lunch in the town sitting in the sunshine, eating a prawn caesar salad (which was utterly delightful) and sipping a Sauvignon Blanc  (Mr S had a slice of home made egg, bacon & spinach pie and a beer) and watching the old coach and Clydesdale horse pull around the tourists and generally people watch.

Courtesy Google and Dept of Victoria


Courtesy Houseofhumble and Google

It was only Friday night, Saturday and Sunday but it felt so much longer.

The different state of mind you are able to achieve when you are on holidays…how grand is it… many more weekends with my gorgeous Mr. S will be planned I am sure.

To write or not to Write…Reposted..from my 1st blog.. interesting to see where it lead

Yes writers the stamp of approval that we have been acknowledged, someone who doesn’t know us from a bar of soap appreciates our work and likes what we have written. With manuscripts I have forwarded, my letterbox strolls (to find acceptance) have come to nought.

I was mowing the lawns this afternoon (l know you wont find that mind-boggling) & I wanted to write, I moved onto weeding, I still wanted to write. Started to replant a gardenia bush, still wanted to write. It ‘the writing obsession’ wouldn’t leave me alone. In fact it hasn’t for some weeks now. It’s a calling, something unknown with long arms & sinewy fingers that grab hold of me & lure me into the study to turn on my Mac & say, “Now write”. (Maybe not long arms and sinewy fingers, perhaps a bit of over-kill there, but then that’s the writer in me). I try to resist (as I really wanted to get the gardenia bush planted whilst we are in Autumn) but it was no use denying it any further. So I sat at my desk and stared at the blank document page and prayed for inspiration (not literally).

Perhaps I should write just about me, my thoughts (I can see you all cringing, please don’t it shouldn’t be that bad).  Would anyone be interested in reading my dribble or would they find it amusing? Thought provoking? Would they relate to what I have written and me?

Who knows, I can’t be the judge only the person who is reading this can be. I know when I have read a book & if the author’s style is down to earth and open, I relate to it, it  draws me in even further.

I simply like that style of writing. Writing does require talent, imagination and creativity. Can we say that because l am an ‘unknown’ (apart from to my friends and family of course) that people wouldn’t enjoy or want to read what l have written? This is the uncertainty.

It’s all getting a tad in depth now isn’t it? Maybe I should refrain from over analysing and just do what I came in here to do and write. Sometimes I shall do that, I have the intention of writing something light hearted & before I know it the million words that consume my head space want to say something deep and meaningful…let’s see where it ends…