A little interlude from Poetry – my weekend

and it’s time my good readers for my WEEKEND PAST post, we will resume with current broadcasting of poetry, 3 word prompts and the like tomorrow.

My weekend  ~ well let’s see.

  1. Out for dinner on Saturday night to a Chinese Restaurant. Since we discovered Thai & Vietnamese cuisine sometime back, we don’t frequent the Chinese Restaurants as we have in the past, but in saying that we were pleasantly surprised with the quantity, quality and price of the food. 6 of us, entrees all round, 6 main dishes plus the fried rice (have to have the fried rice) with a total cost of $220.00. I shall let you do the math, but it was very reasonable.
  2. Saturday afternoon (which I really should have written about first) I completed my recording of my Eulogy reading that I had to also write.  Now apart from the fact (mere technicality really) that I perhaps mention the words, death, die and dying too many times, I was very pleased with the result. Yes, readers I am patting myself on the back. I shall be handing in the USB to the trainer in the morning for her to assess, which she said could take anywhere up to 2-3 weeks… I am not happy about this as I have been out of work since the end of July and I am wanting to make headway into my new career as soon as possible, but will my grumbling hasten the process, no, so I shan’t.
  3. Today (Sunday) Mr. S and I took Pop to the Caribbean Market (remember the one that sells the machetes and blades)  as we purchased some ink cartridges for our printers last weekend and of course…they don’t work. Mr. Vendor behind the counter was wanting to offer us $5.00 back (as he had never had any complaints before) erm we paid $20, so I stuck to my guns (no I don’t own one, don’t be silly) and said no we want to exchange them.  A disgruntled Mr. Vendor swapped them over and we were off to the fruit and veg stand.  What I haven’t mentioned is that the market car park is some considerable distance from the entrances and Pop had told me he wanted to go. When we arrived at their place to pick him up I said to Mr. S it will be quicker if I just grab his cartridges and change them. Opening the front door, there he was all dressed up ready for his outing…he looked so cute, how could we say no. Fortunately we were given a wheelchair that Mr. S’s mum used, so Pop sat like the King being pushed around by a puffy face Mr. S and we finished the shopping.
  4. Lastly on the weekend agenda, I have started writing a book, the title (at this juncture) How I became a Funeral Celebrant. Now if that isn’t going to spur me on,  nothing will… I figured this is what I have set my heart on doing and hoping to succeed so why not start writing a book about the how’s, why’s and wherefores’ of how I started in this industry.


That is it dear readers, if you got through my Weekend Past blurb again, I thank you. Tomorrow is Monday in Aussie Land and Spring is finally showing with an expected temperature of 27C – yes I am excited ..another day of writing (and possibly weeding) ahead and trying to seek out part time employment ( that I am SO not interested in obtaining) but which may be required to help my depleting bank balance.


Hope you enjoy my tags 🙂