Just a bored babble from Mums

Sometimes as you know I deviate from poetry and just babble.

This is a babble moment ~ perhaps as I am bored. Staying at home every day, visiting the Penguins, which I will be after I write this, shopping for groceries, going for a walk, may sound like the ideal, but unfortunately it's not paying the bills.

Anyway I am not here to gripe and carry on about my boredom, for that will only get you miffed and bored at my boring writing. So I am talking about food. No, I'm not posting recipes (relax) though I do cook a really mean butterflied BBQ leg of lamb I can tell you about. Waits to see if anyone asks. This morning and it's just hit 11am Tuesday here folks, I was peckish - normally I don't eat breakfast, though I have been making a fresh fruit juice of nectarines, apples, mangos, strawberries and peaches..I see you salivating.

Then I thought hmm what can one eat at this time of the morning that isn't too fattening (yes desperately trying to lose a kilo or two) prior to the big day, so I don't feel too guilty about consuming too much food and alcohol.

What did I come up with you ask?  You did ask didn't you? Good. Slices of cold roast rare beef with chopped green chilli, now before you cringe too much, yes I know it's morning, but chillies are a good kick start to your metabolism and I can eat the 'weirdest' foods/combinations at any time. Do keep in mind my European/English/Aussie upbringing. 

For example

Cold pizza in the morning - now how many love this…many that I know of. Then I eat other 'weird' combinations like salt on tasty cheese (I know mybad with the salt) but I don't eat it every day or large amounts, so you can relax. Or mustard on cheese - yup. Or rollmops - pickled raw herring that has been marinated in vinegar and onion see picture below (this I don't have for breakfast - usually) Oysters, mussels, squid, octopus. Pickles - sweet- sour- I eat every kind.
Rye bread with caraway seeds (my European influence - as is the roll mops).
Then of course there are the 'normals' Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Moroccan, Italian, French, Japanese, Greek (hmm saganaki is too die for) - I try as many different types of cuisines as possible.

Why not, open your minds and mouths to all the exotic and wonderful tastes from around the world, this also helps you not to be a fuss-pot when going to a Restaurant and sticking with the same ol- same ol, saying "Oh I'd never eat that" when my response is why not - how do you know if you don't try?

So that's my babble, I have finished the beef and chillies, about to hop in the shower (well I am at home) then visit the penguins…oh and possibly shop for something for dinner since I am now salivating - go on proceed to tickle your tastebuds - just for Mumsy? :-) Tell me the weird & wonderful you try?

Dinner at the Raw Prawn (prawns, barramundi fish, octopus and mud crabs) oh and salad.

Dinner at the Raw Prawn (prawns, barramundi fish, octopus and mud crabs) oh and salad.

Finally and waiting for the 'ewwww' comments, one of my favourites - Rollmops, Pickled Herring...that's fish guys that's marinated in a vinegar...don't judge me, I was raised on them!

Finally and waiting for the ‘ewwww’ comments, one of my favourites – Rollmops, Pickled Herring…that’s fish guys that’s marinated in a vinegar…don’t judge me, I was raised on them! PS it’s the Salmon above that is expensive- these are $5.51