Super Sweet Blogging Award

Salutations my dear readers. Shaun from over at Looking for reasoning to a complicated world

kindly nominated me for A Super Sweet Blogger Award. Chuffed am I to have this bestowed on me. You can see his post here >

As I am partially accepting the Award – in showing my appreciation for this lovely gesture, I list his other nominations below for you all to have a peek at (if you aren’t already that is). I have recently started following Shaun – he is a humorous, good-natured and thoughtful man who lives in Scotland with his family and newly acquired Staffie. He suffers from Chronic Pain and blogging and sharing helps him get through his days and nights. Please visit, I’m sure you will be glad you did.

You may notice that the below are all femme fatales …this shows how sweet this gentleman is. 🙂

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