Oh Percy


pressed grey suit
pristine  shirt
perfect tie
pon his head he wore a hat
Percival Peppertan  looked anything but playful
posing and pompous Percival couldn’t see what the fuss was all about
people that
passed by snickered , he thought them
pathetic and rude
promoting the company that he worked for
Percival allowed himself to
peacefully through the streets
publicly, mind you and certainly not being
paid any extra, but simply for the love of their new spectacle range and he cared not if they
provoked him and said he looked stupid
Percival, was chosen, though he was considered the most
practical and
probably the most lifeless
person in the company, but he was excited at the
prospect they had
presented him with, the chance for
pedestrians to admire the new fashionable eye-wear and delighted at the
project, for alas Percival was quite a boring soul, but now, oh yes now with these, he let lose a little
providing himself with a new found freedom of himself, to be carefree and not so
possibly beneath the pompousness his watchful eyes allowed him to see a whole new world


Anonymous Legacy: VisDare 24: Mastermind anonymouslegacy.blogspot.com

Another brilliant photo from the Team –  but this was tough for me – so I looked on the light side – with my brain ticking over time..

Visdare 19: Inspect Curiosity and a child’s innocence


What’s your name?
You are a big fish
Do you have a mummy and daddy?
Did they leave you here?
Why are lying down?
Do you have friends?
You have blood on you lip is it sore?
Can’t you talk?
My name is Addy
I have a brother
I like your colours
Do you want to be my friend?
We could go and get some ice cream?
Do you like ice cream?
I like chocolate the best then umm strawberry
I could ask mummy to get you some?
How many friends do you have?
My mummy and daddy eat fish but I wouldn’t eat you
You look so sad
I can be your friend if you want me too?



150 words – or less

Another great Visual Dare  photo prompt from Angela at Anonymous Legacy. Hop over and try throwing your line in.

The Anniversary – VisDare


Nineteen chairs, unoccupied, scattered unceremoniously amid the unkept grass.

The backdrop of power lines hung forlornly in the distance.

Who had painstakingly climbed, to carry them to this isolated stretch of hill?

Why in fact were they placed in such an erratic manner, neither lined, or doubled in rows as if to witness a performance, a ceremony?

What was the reason for their presence, old and hardened wood, that afforded no comfort?

He stood looking out to the hill beyond, waiting for the clouds to withdraw into the blackness.

One by one, he watched them slowly walk, to take their place in order.

Silent, mere shadows of themselves, the saddened faces passed each other, to take their seats as they had done every year for the last 20 years.

The chairs were once again occupied.

Those that worked the power lines, those that didn’t survive.


145 words.    I so wanted to continue my story from last week, however the era was not right to do so.

Each week the amazing Anonymous Legacy posts a photo – the story to be 150 or less.

For – http://anonymouslegacy.blogspot.com.au/2013/04/visdare-16-vacant.html

Unanswered – Visdare


For three miles every morning Rose and Henry walked through the newly settled town to the School House.
Their mother Elizabeth dressing them best she could, the day of worship reserved for wearing their ‘best’.
As instructed by their parents, they talked to no-one, held their books of learning and each other’s hands.

Quiet in nature, their family circumstance brought no smiles to their young faces. Newcomers that arrived daily into town, some not welcoming nor friendly in appearance, jeered and passed comments, Rose and Henry stealthily walked on, ignoring their taunts.

One afternoon Rose and Henry did not return from School, the law could not explain their disappearance. Elizabeth’s grief could not be comforted, hanging herself in the parlour, she ended her life.

To this day, Rose and Henry are still seen walking the street to School.

Elizabeth watches them, cries and waits, till they found their way home to her.


150 words –  I so wanted to include more!

Thank you Angela at Anonymous Legacy for another fantastic photo to work with.

For  VisDare 15: Unanswered

Ruth and Alfred For Visdare

VisDare  # 14: Normalcy April 3, 2013 – Or in my case not so much. 150 words on the below…I know…. Oh dear!


150 words – phew!

Ruth and Alfred
went for a walk
Ruth took lead
whilst behind
Alfred squawked

The homely sort never
venturing off too far
especially in the city where
there were many cars

Alfred hadn’t been well of late
can you see his unfluffed chest
Ruth thought the fresh air
would do him good
this really was a test

How would Alfred like it
no green, no grains, no seeds
miles of hardened grey stuff
that really hurt his feet

But he trotted on amicably
doing as he was told
excitement in the city
and all that would unfold

For ducks are not the usual fare
that you put a lead upon
and he worried about
the passers by
what would they think or
stare for long

In the end it didn’t matter
he strutted out with pride
as Ruth and he walked the streets
….well he had nowhere to hide

For http://anonymouslegacy.blogspot.com.au

Also take a peek at – http://managuagunntoday.wordpress.com/2013/04/03/visdare-the-continued-saga-of-mr-du-bonerre-the-duck/

Walk on Visdare – Atmospheric

# 13 Atmospheric
150 words – or less.
Thank you for this brilliant photo this week! Another piece of Prose – Open for Critique please.
Like soldiers aligned in rank
they maintain their stance

encircled by the mist

the ebb and flow of tides
barnacles invade
clutching wooden feet

imbedded in sand resilient
in forceful battering winds
with valour silent alone

their guard of honour
united for ever more
they persevere
defending pier

and countries shores
how many were
their battles
opposing mother nature’s force

in squalls and sheets of rain
currents circling oceans floor
with rotted splinted wood
their hubris will endure

and cut with shells they hold
wraith like soldiers marching
into war

For: http://anonymouslegacy.blogspot.com.au

Waiting for an outcome

http://anonymouslegacy.blogspot.com.au/2013/03/visdare-12-waiting.html  The word is WAITING.


Do I wait for a ‘God’ to answer me
is that why I am here
I don’t believe…agnostic though not complete
for I hold my hands in prayer
when life is troubled
can’t find my way
I find myself hands clasped
but religion and I aren’t
intertwined…no committed belief
I come here for solace
for the sanctuary within
towered columns and lead light
the safety recognised silence
The seats uniformed
no pews to sit I ‘grab a chair’
and cross my legs
contemplate life, reflect on what ‘if’s’
For there is comfort from the
world outside,  I hear
the organ keys hear the choir
of voices … what I need today
Whatever my belief even for this
second I am waiting
I sit introspective
for answers that I seek
For today’s thoughts could be
tomorrow’s memories
and comfort I may not need
let me be here… close the door
it is me… I purely seek

For Visdare

Circle of Life


Peer over the top       ~     if you are willing
cast downward glances
into your world
are your thoughts           ~        earthed
a level playing field
or is the ground
too far away
question life
momentary giddiness
look down
is                     your glass
half empty

FOR  VisDare 11: Whorl