Mint sauce with that?

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Their laughter mingled with the clink of wine glasses in the
drawing room.
“That was a spritely one that got away this afternoon”, he roared.
“Oh yes, rather, afraid the old girl can’t muster like she use to, sadly”, came the reply.
“Do you know I went down to Jones’s farm prior to the round up?”
“Really what on earth for my good man”?
“I am thinking of purchasing his cattle dog, damn find specimen if you ask me, clever too, agile”.
“Oh yes, I have heard of him, but haven’t seen him in action, so did you offer for him?”
“Yes ol’ chappy, I did as a matter of fact four hundred pounds, I have him in the yards as we speak”.
“Four hundred pounds, good god man, I hope he proves himself worthy for that amount!”
“Yes, he has already, if only I could teach him how to cook”.

Okay I was so lost with this one – see if you can write and join in the fun (or tear your hair out as I did)

For the wonderful       VisDare 34: Fearless



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It is VisDare Pic Challenge time from the wonderful Angela. 150 words or less.


Frozen in time, to the observers walking past the shop window they meant nothing.

The faceless ones , the worthless, the hollow, those who had excessive pride in their appearance, their qualities, their achievements all gained through pain of others.

Where did it get them in the end? Look at them now,  dressed as you or I, nothing special or out of the ordinary.

Why did they feel they were better than everyone, knew more, thought only of themselves.

Purely vanity and their self absorption allowed them to feel superior.

Vanity it was written in the 14th Century one of the 7 deadly sins.

They had no concept of sins, 7 or otherwise.

Five, frozen, five now cast into purgatory.

For those that pass by, what is their fate?

VisDare 31: Focused

not long now – Visdare # 30


Andrew sat patiently, the morning sun, escaping from the clouds. He closed his eyes smirking slightly, drifting off to the sounds of the city coming to life beneath him.

Camera set, hands resting, the hustle and bustle of a new day began with car horns and cabs and people walking excitedly down the pavements.

He received a few upward glances, people pointing and scratching heads at his prime position. Not often (if at all) would they encounter someone perched on top of the lion at Nelson’s Column, except of course for the pigeons and the occasional seagull.

He was ready, the day had come. Not a better vantage point could be found.

Soon they would drive by and he would get the photo of the decade for the newspaper he had worked for,  for 6 years.

With the headline “It’s a Boy”.

Surely that’s worth a promotion.


In light of the recent event in the UK and the birth of Prince George – I thought I would ‘go with the flow’ with this pic from VisDare this week.   Anonymous Legacy  Please join in the fun 150 words or less. VisDare 30: Basking

Smoke Screen


We tie his arms and legs to da cars and rip him apart, he ran off wid our doh, he’s nuttin but a gutter rat, nobody gets away wid dat, nobody. Bluey you and da boys, you find him, he caint of got far.

We’ll get him boss, he’ll wish he never crossed us…I mean you, you was the brainz behind it.

You caint trust no one Bluey, ya find him, he tells us where he hid the loot, we split him like a chicken.

I’ll find him boss, count on da boys and me.

Bluey got up from his chair, leaving the darkened room and the smoke that made his eyes sting and hard to focus.

The rat inhaled deeply once again, smirked and exited from the back door, being careful not to trip over the bloodied head lying on the floor beneath his desk.


Angela has done it again, another week with a brilliant photo.

No poetry this week, I haven’t read any of the other entries, but my intuition tells me that they will be along the same theme. I’m off to have a look – why don’t you? 🙂

VisDare 28: Obscured

142 words

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I am no different than you

It is VisDare time . Please look at the other entries at Thank you Angela for yet another amazing photo to work with.
VisDare – Bruised

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and when I cry
the crystalline drops are the same
and when I wipe the tears from my eyes
my hand is held the same
and as I listen
I pray from within
where no one can hear
I am no different than you
red blood curses through my veins
my organs the same
I am not rude, angry, spiteful or intolerant
I wish you could understand
is it because my veneer doesn’t ‘match’
or my spoken words do not sound the same
I try to speak as you
my eyes aren’t round
my skin a different colour
my hair is black
they taunt, name call
where is my ‘place’ in this world
I try to shut out your words that bruise
I can only whisper
my name is Kwan
I must be true to the meaning
and buffer those that jeer
Kwan equals strong
I am like you
a human being



150 words – or less.

Engraved memories – for VisDare


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I know the sparkle
in eyes that I once owned
life’s adventures –
curiosity of things
in my life I’ve sailed a thousand ships
plunged words like knives
into souls I hardly knew
fought wars within myself
and won the battles

I’ve loved, hated
had wealth, been poor
toiled the earth
my days with eyes wide open in the dark
that ended with the moon and closed
I danced and downed too many
held a woman in my arms with blackened curls
that I loved

no regrets, or complaints
on the demanding road I sometimes walked
I am weary, I am old
my body crumpled
do you think your camera
can grasp my life in a frame
catch a fragment of it?
it can’t
for all that I am, or was
is mine
engraved on my heart

My favourite photo challenges from VisDare have sent another fine photograph for us writers. If you wish to join in the fun please do over at anonymous legacy

RULES: 150 words – or less. (Please – no erotica or graphic violence.) DON’T FORGET to read and comment on others’ entries!!   As always – thanks for participating!

113 words

The ivories haunt me – VisDare Challenge 25

VisDare have once more succeeded in providing us (slightly mad challenge oriented people) with an amazing photo this week. PLEASE if you can, spend a minute or three to read the other brilliant entries, you will be so glad you did.   THANK YOU Angela for providing us writers with the shots that at times befuddle our brains and make our imaginations work over time.


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She remembers herself screaming “Noooooooooo”.

The night she was too sick to attend her daughter’s first piano concerto at the Town Hall.

Justine, loved by everyone, an excellent scholar, caring, a daughter of whom she was so very proud.

Her body found, in her burnt out car, wrapped around a tree, on the outskirts of town.

They said she felt no pain, death on impact. Could they say that?  Rebecca only saw her daughter trying to escape, screaming to be saved, engulfed in flames, yelling for her mum.

She sat staring at the photo of Justine playing the piano. In her lap, the last message blazoned across her mobile phone’s sent box.

The guilt immeasurable, her text, read in seconds by her baby girl, was the last she would read.

“I love you Jus, so sorry I can’t be there darling, remember best foot forward!  🙂 “.


150 words or less – 147 words

Put your best foot forward – Meaning – Embark on a journey or task with purpose and gusto.

Children’s Echo



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The morning bell pealed loudly for the call to breakfast.

They walked, some whispering, some crying, some yelling out.

Sixty – five children in all, dressed in blackened muslin nighties and bed bonnets, found their place along the wooden benches that provided them little comfort.

The surroundings, too ornate for them to merely single file into, three times every day, to eat their meals.

Tarnished spoons, steel cups and bowls filled with porridge were set in front of them, as they were every morning.

When they had eaten, they stood, silently, facing the front of the hall.

In unison, as they had done for the past seven-nine years, they thanked the cooks and mistress of the orphanage for preparing their food.  The great hall echoed with their frightened and feeble voices.

One by one, they walked bare footed, through the walls, waiting for the bell to peal again.



For the amazing photo challenge given by Angela Goff at VisDare.

VisDare 23: Ornate  Challenge – 150 words or less – My contribution 148 words.

A journey not yet taken


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and I
on bended knee
in solitary repose
arm outstretched as if in
the visions floating
in my head
imagination perhaps
…..a dream
in blackened chiffon dress
collecting thoughts
indeed I tried to
make some sense
I pictured modern angels
who danced
a rhythm of
their own
perched mid air
enraptured by the
beam of light
with poise and grace
and arms outstretched
… mine
bellowed sleeves for wings
they hung above my head
was it from
a dance in life
or a dance
after their
yet I felt
no fear or anxiety
for their faces held
… pain
I heard whispers
merely ethereal souls
on our
journey from
… plain


Flight of Fancy

From VisDare another amazing photo to get our creative juices. 150 words or less. 74 words.

Capture the words


RULES: From the ever amazing
150 words – or less based on what we interpret from the above photo.

I am going down the poetical road…as I seem to do on the odd occasion.

I listen to my words
where they want to go
the sea of vowels verbs and nouns
stare into a mirror pronounce the
syllables that emerge
reflection of cloud and hill
are seen
not my mouth nor face
merely the words that spill
falling to an empty page
casting a language of their own
this is what stares back at me
I write for like the clouds
it makes my inners soar
the mirror of me are my words
I am …what you read
nothing less and
nothing more