Oh Muse Muse where for art thou Muse (Dribble)


and so no poetry it seems
for my muse has left the scene
skipped off down the corridor
with a Vodka and lemonade

she’ll end up in the toilet
then probably do her nails
wax her legs and pluck her brows
where ever will it end!

For those who follow what I do
I must apologise
I’ve called for her
even yelled at her
she fails to recognise

though she was walkin’ kinda funny
the last time that I looked
reminds me of yours truly
(hell do I really walk like that?)

so until she decides to return
I have to rely on me
the drivel that I write now
well you can plainly see
I NEED her back, pronto
where is the silly cow??

put the bloody Vodka down
can’t you see I’m in a bind
timing is ..well everything
don’t be so unkind
I swear if she don’t come back soon
my choices are not many
I’ll have to stop writin’ poetry
Oh Jenny.. Jenny.. Jenny

©jmtacken Jan2014

See this is what I write, when I have no idea what to write, but need to write..right?
I’m sorry I made me do it.