Penguins & Parents

I would like to proudly introduce you all to my mum and Pop.

Mum on the left bossing Pop. Pic courtesy of Google and

You may ask what is this woman on about??  I call my parents (affectionately) my little penguins for how they totter about these days. They don’t seem to have taken offence to this (thankfully), but I couldn’t think of a more apt description for them.

I am sure within time I shall be a little penguin too. Waddling from side to side as I walk and at a much slower pace than what I do now….but oh how cute they are so I won’t mind.

I look at the elderly walking down the street  for instance and automatically think hmm hip problems, when in fact their hips may be perfectly fine. So if you see another little penguin, be kind, knowing that it’s perfectly normal to swagger this way.

Courtesy of website –

Please take note:-

Three penguins are part of a University of Houston study researching the mechanics of penguin movement in an effort to help humans with balance and walking problems. According to Max Kurz, a biomechanics professor and study leader, human therapy regimens are at least several years away, but researchers hope to have their initial results published within the next year.Humans, the elderly in particular, have an inherent amount of instability in their side-to-side movement patterns that are controlled through the nervous system, Kurz said. As people age, their nervous systems deteriorate and walking patterns become more inconsistent, which can lead to instability and falls.Who cares if it takes them a little longer to get in & out of the car, or walk around the shops, or answer the front door… I don’t feel guilty for calling them my little penguins I LOVE ‘EM…it’s just how they roll….