Eyes now open


Hook in her mouth, a fish baited
she fought the current
Squirming, young and innocent
held, by the line of his hand
his charismatic ways
Slowly reeled in, to the delight
of his company

Time leads to the unnoticed
Blind to her discontent, she felt
her freedom, was now sought
his charm losing its appeal
Common ground was walked on
but that was years ago
The familiarity of togetherness
people change

What excited, now was boring
what was quirky, pissed her off
He was not the man she met
and people grow apart
Not thinking that it mattered
oblivious to her needs
He saw no need to alter

He was wrong, he knows this now
attention to finer details
aware of her unhappiness, he remained
the one who caught the prize
No thought at what the cost

Looking back, his eyes were closed
He missed her cringes, when he spoke
Missed the tell-tale signs of boredom
She was no longer young and innocent
wanting more than what he gave

It was a quiet Autumn morning
she closed the door behind her
one last time
Unhooked the line, he thought he held
swimming to her freedom

© JMTacken 19.5.2014

Photo Credit: http://www.deviantart.com