Update on Pop and Mum

Pop and I made the decision to put his beloved car (a Toyota Camry 2005) up for sale. I placed the photo and description on the web car site Monday night. Yesterday (Friday) it was sold, to a lovely lady who had unfortunately written off her previous Camry the morning prior in an accident.

She came along with her father to test drive the car, pop was standing in the driveway balancing with his walking stick. Though his walking has marginally improved, he is still very shaky and cannot turn around as he once did. Now he ‘side shuffles’ to ‘do a u-turn. The lady and her father got in the car and I asked pop to move out the way so they could back it out of the driveway. Pop remained standing where he was, it seems as if he has lost his ‘awareness’.

Normally he would have automatically moved, knowing that the car wheels would possibly run over his feet but he didn’t move until I held his arm and guided him out of the way. It is a very sad thing for him to give up driving and sell his car, but he knows it’s the responsible thing to do. Mum however won’t let it rest, she is adamant she will not get a motorised scooter and says that ‘This is my lot now to be stuck inside the house every day’.

I am trying to persuade her to get one too, so that they can at least get out of the house when the weather is nice and have some independence. It’s a battle with mum, pop at this juncture is fine with getting one. The battle no doubt will continue.

We are going out for lunch tomorrow with them and some family members and their friends, so today was also time to give pop another pedicure and a shave. Bless him, because he has a bit of a double chin, when he does shave he doesn’t get into the ‘folds and crevices’. So out with the new fancy wet or dry electric shaver was I. I then made him walk with his walker twice to the front door and back.  Yes, I’m a hard task manager, but if I don’t remind him to get up and exercise he lets it slide. He has attended one physio session and has to for a further 10 weeks (once a week) to try and get his core strengthened (good luck with that physiotherapists). He also has to move every hour on the hour and drink more water!

Mum’s memory is progressively growing worse and she loses her temper with me very easily and often! She will salute me now and say “Yes Sir” or “You love to boss me around now” and there is anger in her voice. It’s so difficult not to get upset with her when she puts her stubborn shoes on, but I have to try and remember she doesn’t know that she has asked me the same question 3 times in 30 minutes, or that we have had a conversation about a particular subject several times over.

It is hard for me not to sound patronising, I realise I don’t talk to pop in the same way as I talk to mum and it’s simply the frustration on my part trying to get her to see reason, when clearly it is difficult for her to do so. Whereas I They are no longer the sprightly and comprehending parents that I once knew, not all that long ago, now I see that the ageing process has taken over and is in control.

So that was my Saturday afternoon. I shall continue to post  about my two ‘darlings’ to those who are willing to read.

Steavenson Falls – Marysville Melbourne

Mr. S and I went here yesterday.   It is about an hours drive from where we live,  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SteavensonFalls  there is a road that you can drive to reach the waterfall, but no we thought …can’t be that far … signs say  ‘slight’ inclines…we are fit..besides we are minding Charlie (the dog) yes I know how cute is he!  (if you could see him that is…. I think I accidentally deleted the pic ) and he wanted to walk and not sit in the back seat of the car so he could take in the views and wee on 24,000 plants along the way.

Here is Charle and Mr. S having to carry Charlie across the steel bridge..ho hum Charlie Charlie there are no trolls! (Don’t you just love the hat and the open mouth – poor love it was stinking hot and we had trekked for a few kilometres by this stage, close it hun you’ll swallow flies)


2013-01-12 13.50.04

Well after several bouts of huffing and puffing and runners slipping on the gravel pathway we made it up those ‘slight inclines’  3.4km later (just over 2 miles). Beautiful..yes? Then the trek back down – more treacherous I held onto the back of Mr. S’s shoulder, so yes if I fell ..he would too (I’m good like that). Most of Marysville had been destroyed by bush fires in 2009 and they are slowly rebuilding. 175 lives were lost and 441 injured, not to mention the animals and birdlife.

Below is the pic of the waterfall that we hiked to.

2013-01-12 13.07.59

Hopefully you can make out the below….An echidna Echidna Information we saw, well I saw first (Mr. S was too busy navigating the gravel path). First time I have seen one in the wild. Burying his nose into an ants nest…cute (apart from those spikes).


2013-01-12 13.20.53

Hopefully you have enjoyed my little days outing.