Let me reach
My veins exposed
You pick at my soul
Don’t stop my hand
Let it go
I grasp with
Fingers curled

I am raw
Love does that
Senses heightened
The ones we love

Let me reach
I’m here for you
You’re not alone
You never were
Let me in
Blunt the thorn
That tears my heart

Copyright JMTacken 3.7.2014. # 850


It is hard to write, this is the first thing in 8 days, I’m hoping to return.

Faye and Tommy (Prose)


ocean coloured eyes, auburn curled hair
nestling on her shoulders, stuck with him
the restaurant, crushed napkin folded
kept safe in his worn wallet

her phone number
scribbled in ink, bled from his
sweaty palms over weeks
yet he hadn’t dialed her number

small town, back woods, trying
the best she could, to get out
leave the trailer park, an inner strength
held behind her cerulean eyes

words spoken of her existence
showed determination, he felt weak
amidst her charms, her softness
his a different pain to hers

the napkin dropped near his plate
alongside remnants of mashed potato
beans and meat, he stared at it a while
did she find him attractive

then left, closing the door to her world
to begin again with his, yet
she kept dragging him back, without
a word between them

just this napkin, he couldn’t throw away
she wanted out, she told him so
was he her meal ticket to a better life
to get somewhere, was this his doubt

and then he threw her number away
‘coz he knew he didn’t have the courage
to find out, the risk of being hurt again
to try and make it work

until one summer’s afternoon
when she played so badly on his mind
like a sweet violin
he made a sign

nailed it to the pole
in the street where she worked
and he waited near by
waited and watched for Faye to see

how much she meant to him
how proud he was of her
and how, with lives so different
they were meant to be

©jmtacken Feb 2014

In a bit of a gushy mood today.

Sharing with Jude from who inspired me to write from her latest post – a fellow Aussie who wrote a piece of fiction, please go visit her and thank you for the inspiration Jude 🙂
and also for OLN.

Also a shout out to the wonderful Brian for his nudges in all the right places.

PS I have read and commented on other writers linked into DVerse for some time now and in return they kindly read and comment on what I have written . Please show common courtesy by reading and commenting to other writers,  it’s a two way street. If I offend anyone by this – I apologise.

did I misplace you (Prose)


I inhaled the essence of you
a time past, you penetrated
layers of me, secreting all that
was good, kind
our lips met undivided
as trailers grew upon the
grafted as one
buds opened
giving way to inhibitions
embracing the sun
I drank of you
ripening my core 
your substance
enflaming the
inside me, I once had
shall I have again?
©jmtacken Jan 2014
and thank you for the gentle pokes from Michael over at Morpethroad.

Borrowed Heart (Prose)

brushing the floral curtain with the back of my hand

watching you walk away, your back to me


your jacket slung casually over your shoulder

nonchalant, as was our time this afternoon

dust not settling, words still echoing through the room

hitting the ground before they have the chance

to touch my heart

I watched, you didn’t wave,  you never do

if silence the only noise

I’d clasp my hands falling to the ground, wishing

for more stolen moments, but your words

slowly rise as they have done many times before

lingering inside my head, entering my skin

the amount you stay much shorter than your goodbyes

a heart that won’t be captured, the bird whose flight is free

watching the car door open,  not looking back

the curtain once again falls back in place

as if nothing had changed, simply how it was between you and I

a rendezvous informal, nothing altered

my finger tracing my lips, where you were

once again, you have borrowed my heart

and taken it away

with emptiness ~ I wait in hope

that you will walk through my door again

and stay

©jmtacken Dec. 2013

The music clip says in the beginning to close your eyes and listen … don’t close your eyes ~ but do listen.

Is it you or an illusion (Prose)


does my mind play tricks on me
a magician who waves the wand
across the top hat for a rabbit to appear
have you returned to fill the lacuna in my life
the missing piece ~ the closure
You, who I relied upon, who sated my desires
the figure beneath the ghostly sheet that walks
the passage-ways of my dreams

is my love for you not finished
I see you walk along concrete streets
out of doorways ~ I hear the bell
that peals your existence
my mind sees you, two steps in front of me
back turned distancing yourself
I call, but have no answer
is this your sign to move on, relinquish
what I feel

to someone that I loved
yet you are creeping back,  inch by inch
to present day, disrupting the life that I
had to make, a decision not of mine
to forget what was ours, I can’t extinguish
the love we had, unrealistically so to ask
and my question is ~ should you not let me be
so that I move on

I shall answer ~ a finger placed upon your
lips, I cannot, not for now in this moment
I feel you next to me, a hand held
a whispering kiss
the passions of the night, the laughter
in the days, the wine against the sunsets
you are not real ~ you have disappeared
and I walk the concrete streets alone
holding you in my heart
cradling you in my arms

©jmtacken Sept 2013

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MAG 158 Challenge Temptation



Temptation led me to your door, a husband & child I left at home
I forgive myself … to want so much more

you enticed me
your eyes cast a spell
you tempted me with… your voice

should I feel guilt, or be ashamed?  hell no… I only have myself to blame for

resistance to you…futile
I took the vows…I’ve paid my dues, am I wrong…my crazed obsession for you

my child will always
be my side….you say that you accept this
there is nothing else I hide

I ran through pouring rain…. to you, to collapse into your arms

exhaustion leaves my body weak, I want, I lust… I ask
strip the clothes that cling….watch me naked

warm me with your body heat
I’m yours… I give you…. me …. now and every tomorrow,  I have granted
I have to leave behind my life…but take my child

to start anew, for all I want in a cruel universe

is a life to share
with you

For The Mag    Another fabulous photo and challenge.magpie-tales-statue-stamp-185

Studio 30 – Haiku Body Want

Introducing a new site that I have joined,  so please come on over and take a peek.
2 Prompts given by Studio 30  Trickle Down or Taboo.

I have done some Haiku verses ( 3 lines – 1st line 5 syllables, 2nd line 7, 3rd line 5) incorporating both words… oh yes aren’t I the ‘smarty-pants’  (insert Aussie humour)


Drips trickle down skin
seductive wetness breath fast
senses lust alive

taboo or not want
sipping lips drinking of mouths
your skin against mine

soft hands caressing
eyes staring to mine holding
captured in your spell

forgetting lost time
fold your limbs around my limbs
pleasure and desires

grasp grip squeeze bite
animalistic penchant
sweat heat lips engage

tongues lick salty skin
trickles down loves aftermath
sated sleepy peace

Red Wine and Us

clink glass filled
lingered look eyes to eyes
glass to lips slow
a sip of
liquid redness

read my mind through my eyes
what do I think
lips moist
a taste of blackberry
a hint of cinnamon

slowly grape silkiness
flows over my tongue
you watch me I watch you
cherry plum
warm spice

deep in colour succulent
tannins seduce my mouth
trickle down my throat
fruit that

warming as it enters me
fruits of berries elegant
dusty earthy tones
perfectly paired
like us

What is it?

Perhaps a lick
a taste on tongue
perhaps the


perhaps the taste
the sweetness
the joy the
pleasure felt

perhaps the
the long filled

the no you
shouldn’t but
the need
the crave

perhaps the
thought of
it’s been a while
I miss it

the creaminess

it’s just
your mind