Time for My Weekend That Was. (Pull up a chair)

What a few days it has been, I have been absent all weekend until now.
Pop wasn’t well on Thursday, I won’t go into the details‚Ķbut put it this way – he needs a proper diet and to move around more than he is doing at present. He also fell out of bed ūüė¶ 2nd fall in 9 days. I spent Friday with them, giving him juices to drink and trying to get him better for the Saturday (yesterday) and his youngest Grandson’s Wedding.

Friday night we had plans in place, they were booked for the hairdressers (early 7.30am) god awful hour to be up, but they are early risers. We, Mr. S and I were to pick them up at 2.45 Saturday to drive them to the Wedding.

Later that night it all turned sour, we cancelled the taxi for the hairdressers. I tucked Pop into bed, putting a hot water bottle on his tummy, putting a wheat pack on his back to help his discomfort. I told him I would trim his hair if he was able to go and also blow wave mums (last minute strategies in place). I sat down along side him on the bed and he said “what would I do without you, but I am so over living like this”. I told him, he isn’t going anywhere yet and to work to gain his strength back.

Saturday morning and the phone call came saying he’s not any better and they couldn’t go ūüė¶

Mr. S and I drove up to the Winery, a little windy but the sun was shining. My nephew Shaun standing nervously in the gazebo waiting for his bride to appear. The bridesmaids walked down and then Emma his gorgeous bride. I watched my young nephew, put his hand to his chest and mouth WOW. Yes, I started with the tears then. She looked stunning (as all brides do). They exchanged vows, they placed the rings, their photos were taken. We were asked for the family shot, with heals sinking into the lawn we smiled and tried to balance.

We then went stood on the decking overlooking the beautiful Winery and had canapes and champers. I could go on and on about the night how perfect everything was, but I would possible bore you all to tears even further.

I phoned mum and Pop throughout the night to see how they were.

The next door neighbour answered the phone, then got mum, who then couldn’t explain and put Pop on the phone‚Ķ. he had another fall in the shower. She tried to lift him up but couldn’t. The neighbours couldn’t as they have bad backs, so they called the SES‚Ķ. now for those who don’t know the SES this stands for State Emergency Services‚Ķ they help out in storms etc removing fallen trees and the like. I DO NOT KNOW why they called them and not the Ambulance.

Poor Pop was then lifted out of the shower with some device onto a stretcher, they then called the Ambo’s and back he went to the Hospital. They did the battery of tests as last time and nothing showing as to why he fell. I was in tears outside at the venue, as I spoke to him, friends and daughters came to my aid. They were wonderful.

Today I went over there at 7.45am‚Ķgot to sleep at 1am‚Ķ. I am so tired right now. He has no injuries apart from his pride a little from being ‘hoisted like a tree trunk’ as he put it from the shower stark naked.

So there was so much happiness mixed with sadness yesterday. We (my brother and I ) have instigated talks about more care being required … tis a good thing.

2 other things upset me yesterday – I have a beautiful marquee set gold diamond ring, I had it enlarged a few weeks ago to fit another finger and wore it out once 2 weeks ago. I went to put it on yesterday and‚Ķno diamond. I cried, I bought this for myself as a 40th birthday present. I don’t know if it’s possible that the jeweller did something to the claws that held the diamond, but I am visiting him tomorrow to ask.

The other thing‚Ķ both my girls looked amazing at the Wedding and mum didn’t take a photo ūüė¶ Hopefully when we get a copy of the group shot I shall be able to put up. So disappointed, but I guess it’s not like they aren’t going to ever ‘dress-up’ ever again.


Majestic Magic For The Dark Queen Writerly Bridal Shower

The Dark Fairy Queen Writerly Bridal Shower (or #DFQWBS)
Anna Meade is getting married to Michael Thomas Loy Jr and a group of writers, have been pulled together to contribute a flash fiction, with a marriage theme consisting of either or all of the following Р  Proposal; Hen/Bachelorette Party; Stag/Bachelor Party; Ceremony; Honeymoon.  These stories will then be compiled in an eBook that will be presented to them as a wedding gift.
How cute is that!        http://rosalindsmith-nazilli.com  Kindly asked if I could submit an entry for the lovely and talented Anna Meade better known perhaps as the Dark Fairy Queen who writes the Yearning for Wonderland blog.   Below is my entry.
Majestic Magic

Her hands trembled, as she sat gazing at her reflection in the mirror.

Her make-up being applied by the Nymph Arethusa, who painstakingly worked to achieve the right balance, for she had never ‘worked’ on a Dark Fairy Queen before. What if the eye liner was too heavy, the mascara clogged, the lipstick too deep or too pale, her cheeks not presenting the glow of the blushing bride, would she be cast off into the land of Lipps?

She need not have been concerned, for the result was truly magical, Anna looked breathtaking. She turned her head to the left, then right, admiring, she liked what she saw and graciously smiled to Arethusa, who nervously curtsied in return.

The time for dressing, Anna walked into her room unzipping the protective cover of the gown that she would don. Her bridesmaids, giggled and rose from their chairs to accompany their Queen.

Arms raised to the heavens the gown was carefully placed, as to not spoil her ‘do’. Lowered, the many satin buttons that cascaded like a waterfall down her back were slowly fastened.

Veil and head piece placed, white satin shoes, something old, something new, she held her bouquet of Freesias, Heather Flower and Queen Anne’s Lace. She was ready to be wed.

She knew within the hour she would have the man of her dreams, her King.

Her ‘chariot’ arrived, the bridesmaids quickly gathered her train and helped her to be seated, her legs were jittery and the white lace hanky, given to her by her mother was tightly being wound around her fingers, continuously. Her ‘girls’ who sat opposite, felt their Queen’s nervous energy and promptly opened the bottle of pre-mixed Fairy Belle Cocktail.

Laughter soon enveloped the carriage, their Queen was now relaxed.

Anna alighted from the chariot with alacrity, albeit slightly giddy from the consumption of too many Fairy Belle’s.

She paused, breathed deeply, regained her composure and entered.

Her parents looked in awe upon their ‘little’ girl, whom they adored, she had grown into a bewitching young woman, their baby, their Anna. Her father linked her arm and with glistened tears he whispered “I love you Anna, how beautiful you look”.

To her King, towards the man of her dreams, she walked, steadied by her fathers gentle arm.

Fairy dust sprinkled from above, anointing her, it glowed and sparkled as it fell upon her skin. The Fairies were blessing this union, this was a sign.

The stars in her eyes blended with moist tears, as she grew closer. Michael’s hands nervously wringing together, she gave him a reassuring smile.

“Who gives this woman?”

“I do”, her father hesitantly replied.

Anna slowly let go of her fathers arm, the man that she had loved for ever, the man that encouraged and taught her right from wrong, he gently smiled as he felt her arm release. ¬†She kissed his cheek and whispered “I love you Dad, I will always be your little girl”, then she reached for Michael’s hand.

They said I do and exchanged rings, they tenderly kissed and held each other tight giggling “I love you – I love you more”.

Michael swooped Anna in his arms, kissing her ear, he carried her towards the Reception area in the Courtyard, the relief from months of planning was almost at an end.

The speeches were made, the toasts given, the glasses clinked, the food served and heartily consumed.

Let the PARTY begin!

The Goblin and Elf band began to play.

From the forest, the fairies tip-toed in, the congealed blood trickling from the corners of their mouths.

Anna looked… her invitations were accepted, she cast a smile and a wink in their direction, showing how pleased she was at their arrival.

POW – Fireworks lit up the darkened sky, radiant bursts of gold, red and green, showered the starry night.

The Queen and her King walked majestically to the centre of the dance floor. Their spirits high, their smiles engaging.

“DANCE” Anna and Michael laughed and commanded.

Dance they did, the fairies, the wizards, goblins and elves, all linked arms pointed toes and bowed.

Towards the woods, in the distance, Anna saw the burst of flames and smiled at their ride home.


Author – Jenny Tacken
eBook – Yes

To Anna and Michael – An Irish Toast – Here’s to the wings of love, may they never molt a feather,¬†till your little shoes and his big boots are under the bed together.


Life does change

Wedding Pic057

She stands
in the garden, alone in her thoughts, not knowing what her life will bring, simply letting her mind wander to what the future holds for her, what goes through her mind?
she bows
her head, trying to breathe, trying to visualise the hours ahead, the day of becoming a married woman, the moment she says I do
she leans
against the wooden tree which gives support to her trembling body, for she is nervous yet exhilarated at the age of twenty-six, young and about to begin a new life
she has
her dream come true, like many other young women to find their companion in life, to commit, to begin travelling down an unknown road with the one that she loves, her wedding day
could she
have known it would cease, ¬†did it cross her mind on this day¬†the 16th February it wouldn’t
be forever
she has
moved on, she is very happy in her life and she is also happy for the man that was
her husband
life changes
feelings get lost, communication breaks, meeting a T intersection, different directions
are taken
but she
is ok with that, for life isn’t always¬†perfect, sometimes it’s not a fairy tale romance, not the happy ever after, but lessons are learnt, she has grown and now she can look¬†through the photos of that day which bring a smile to her face¬†and she can remember ….life does change

I shall visit and lay fresh flowers down..Poetry of loss

I kneel upon blades of grass that are crisp and cold upon my skin

I wrap my arms around me tight & quiver against the wind

I lift my head to the dark sky above & shut my eyes tightly

And draw in a breath which makes my body shiver slightly


The rain starts to fall & hits upon my cheek

I wipe the drops of cold & wet away

My brow rubbed with back of hand

I bend my head to pray


I know that you aren’t with me

But I see you in my dreams

I beseech that you are peaceful

But my life is not as it seems


You think after so long,that I am happy?

How can you possibly understand

You are the one who enriched my life 

Why can’t I hear your laughter or gently take your hand


I long to hear your voice once more

Or to share your laugh & smile

I want to share these tears that fall

To say me living is worthwhile


I shall visit & lay fresh flowers down

And shall talk & tell you of my day

And wish that you could answer me

I must pretend I can, let me have my way


So for now I lay fresh flowers down

And reverie of what would have been

And caress & tend your grave each day

Inhale deep, with eyes shut tight & dream


But wait I can see your beautiful smile I hear you speak my name 

I feel the ring you place upon my finger, a simple band of gold

To have & to hold from this day forward our love was ours to claim

To wed & live together young & then to die together old


But for now I lay fresh flowers down

Courtesy Google/funeralsofcompassion.com

Courtesy Google/funeralsofcompassion.com



More Old Photos – Run while you still can!

img012Mum and Dad Church in St.Kilda on their Wedding Day.

Top right my adorable parents (mum 21, dad 23 getting married)

Old Photos.jpg

Top Left mum and dads ‘wedding reception’ held in the house where they were renting. Their landlord made them potato salad and fish for their Wedding dinner.

Bottom right mum and her sister Ruth (the elder of the two) when they were little ones.

Middle pic my Great Grandmother – name unknown.

Middle right mum… whoot whoot!

Bottom right dad and my eldest brother Peter.


And yes the piece de resistance yet again….. and if ANYONE dares to comment about the slightly ‘awkward’ boy hairstyle, with the button up cardi and skirt …look out! ūüôā ūüôā They were obviously keen on taking photos in front of foliage it seems…but look no crossed legs ūüôā

And a time when it was¬†ok for a ‘little’ girl who hadn’t yet developed boobies to be topless in public – come to think of it they haven’t grown much since then either! I do have two eyes I just think the sun was too bright that day and yes still brandishing the same lame boy haircut it seems.

Us 3 Kids021

Eldest Bro ‘P’ in the middle and younger Bro also ‘P’ at the end R.I.P little bro… who passed away 9/01/2004 in India.

As you can see (possibly) I take after dad with the darker skin and my brothers took after mum with their ‘English’ complexion. I was/am the sun lover ¬†whereas they hated it. I wish I could remember those times, my memory is so scant from my childhood. I wish I could take my self back and know who I was then, what I felt like, what made me happy, what made me sad, but alas I can’t. Ahhhh good times though it seems.