Chat time



This is how I filled in a few hours Saturday morning with Mr. S. We went away for the long weekend, leaving early to arrive at the ‘Shooting Range’. This is a sport I have never tried. In fact I was quite scared about the whole shotgun thing, but as I bought vouchers for Mr. S to try clay shooting, I thought I would join in.

There were three other ladies and numerous men and young men. The teachers both ladies, one who is pictured from America with me below is an ex Commonwealth medalist in skeet shooting. I actually surprised myself by hitting quite a few!

We were taken through the safety procedures, then instructed on how to shoot. I never realised these things were so heavy! I also had heard about the kick backs, on firing them. Donned with ear muffs, as I can’t tolerate very loud noises, the clay saucers were then flung out of the contraption when I yelled pull. We all had 20 shots each, after our initial practice shots. I ended up in the ‘shoot-out’ (sounds like the O.K  Coral) with one of the 3 other ladies.

It was me and her, she the Annie Oakleigh of Werribee won. I have to say, although it is something I wouldn’t rush back to do again, it was enjoyable. A little bit sore the following day, small price to pay. Apologies for the stance in the top photo, I was trying to look ‘tough’ holding two unloaded shotguns on a very windy day.

Two days away, three day break, strolled around the township of Queenscliff  down the beach yesterday, this morning before driving back stopped at another beachside cafe in Geelong for breakfast.

Homefront – Pop and Mumma Penguin are about the same. Mums ALZ is still causing her to be extremely angry with me one day and oblivious to what she has said the next. Pop is not walking well, having to use his frame and have guidance at all times when he moves around the house. My brother is still in the process of looking at Aged Care for them.

K has not had a seizure since the 12th of February, she is not allowed to drive for 6 months and still has to have a further MRI and EEG. She is still out of work which is putting a financial strain on me, as I haven’t conducted many Services the last few weeks.

She is now seeing a Psychologist that I found. Finally a lady of 70 with life experience and not a woman the same age as K, who unfortunately has ‘only read the text book’. K felt comfortable with their first meeting, ‘D’ calling me at the end of her first session saying she is an intelligent, extremely beautiful, empathetic young woman who has so much to offer the world, but thinks so very little of herself. This I know…this I will try with everything I have to make her realise, with all that life has thrown at her, that her life is special, has meaning and will one day be happy and fulfilled.