Five Sentence Fiction Benny & Tinkerbell

It’s time for Five Sentence Fiction, hosted by Lillie McFerrin.  Each week, a prompt is provided, and you have to pack a punch in a mere five sentences that are inspired by that prompt.  The prompt for this week is WHISPER.


“Oi, Benny, mum is right”.

“I swear Tinkerbell, if you don’t remove that raspy tongue out of my ear….I’ll…..!”

“You really should go the Vet Benny, stop being such a scaredy ca…, sorry dog.”

“I am fine, geez Tinker, haven’t you heard we’re meant to mortal enemies, get your nose out, this don’t feel right”.

“Stop stressin’ will ya, we’re mates, this is for your own good, I’m telling mum to book an appointment, you have way too much canker”.