rusted barb wire breaks
the softness of the sun
obeying the winds
anger versus calm
two forces ~ never meeting

one holds strong, unnerved
the other soft, compliant
what does it remind you of
the subdued against the harsh
that will not falter

not breaking or succumbing
to the elements ~ merely
shifting side to side
as it pleases
unyielding in its path

heat that cannot melt the barbs
both resilient ~ yet different
chrome hues ~ coarse greys
depending on the view

©jmtacken 31st Oct 2103

Weeping Willow

Studio 30 The Prompt –  Weeping Willow.
I have adapted a piece I wrote some time back.

Run in-between the rain drops
shouting my name out loud
I turn my head
I feel a blush, I laugh

drops from clouded skies
touch my skin, my
trickle down my nose

chase me up the grassy knoll
dress soaked through
I care not

warming winds carry
your words closer
to my ears
“Rose ….wait”

follow me my love
to the top of the
hill where the
willows brush the earth

you love me…is that really
what I heard
spirits shan’t be dampened
hearing those three words

pursue me capture me
my body as my heart
remove my transparency
for I am yours

nothing else matters
not the rain, nor the wind

you love me, I want you under

the weeping willow branches

willow tree 3




The wind started roaring there was a storm about to strike
people scurried back and forth barricading all their windows
with everything in sight, locking doors and moving chairs
and tables round the house, hoping the storm that was to be
would surely quickly pass, the trees they started blowing
bending to the left and to the right, the branches
cracked the leaves were torn and scurried down the
street, the warnings were set high for the tornado
that would come, the deadly winds, the rain to
fall, the death they’d surely face, they
gathered treasured memories and hid
them where they could, they sheltered
pets to keep them safe, against
the fast and furious winds
sandbags then were
placed on ground
to cease
any water
from getting
inside, they listened
and they waited fearing
for the worst, scared and
frightened children, parents
huddling them and sheltering
them from harm, for life can end so
quickly and mother nature shows no mercy
and what is sacred must be saved, gathering
those that you dearly love denying them of a
an early grave, the forces of the winds pick up
the doors battered against their frames, the cars picked
up and thrown in air, nothing would be saved, the windows
blasted open, glass filled the frightening room, the children
started screaming, would they all now be doomed, the trees that
once stood proudly in the front yard severed down, the bins and
other rubbish scattered all around, then almost as it had begun the
wind failed to make a noise, it had passed, it was no more and they
had all been saved, a miracle, a sign from above, no matter what the
reason, they had their lives, their house still stood tis was the
hurricane season

We don’t have them over here but this is what I envisaged them being like.

Winter – her thoughts

She incubates
it’s winter
and the world
is dim

she conceals
with wool and sheets
of many threads

sheltered.. comforted

she snuggles tightly
escaping winter chills
spiralling outside

beyond her window frame

she wishes she could
quell the snow flakes
that enshrine the green
and brown

blanketed like herself

she listens
the wind roars
between forks of trees

solitude a tranquil time

when winter hits her world

Yesterday in Melbourne Australia

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100.4F yesterday hot sun in Australia

Parches throat and toasts the fauna

Restless nights sleep

Throw off the doona

Crispens grass and crackles till dry

Sun in the sky blistering high

Dance bare footed across the sand

Lie on the towels to catch suntan

No cool air to dissipate heat

Hot gates to open, hot iron seats

Birds are silent in heat withdrawn

Heat makes you tired sleepy..yawn

Sun rays beam down washing gets dried

Towels all crunchy almost fried

Trees not moving no wind to stir

But this is the country I love ….AUSTRALIA