Squeeze me squeeze me

So after hearing about the Juice Fast Detox Program http://www.rebootwithjoe.com/
from a lovely lady at WP (I won't give her name away in case she does not want me too).

This afternoon down I went to the local shops and purchased a juicer ($25.00 in KMart) how flippin' good is that I ask you!

I had a lemon juice this morning to kick it off pre juicer, then when I came home I made a smoothie - low fat low sugar berry yoghurt (2 tablespoons) - banana, apple, pear, strawberries…yummmmm.

Tonight for tea whilst Mr. S and daughter #2 were having their salt and pepper calamari, salad and potato, I sat down with them to a glass of broccoli, beetroot, celery, carrot and parsnip (all raw mind you - not baked till they were sweet). It was .. erm.. hang on I shall find a word to describe it..it was … um...nope sorry I can't.

I mean it wasn't like I was poisoning myself, but oh dear did that calamari look and smell divine.

I don't know how long I shall last - all I know is that I am so looking forward to my fruit one in the morning. I'm not doing this to get healthy (being a light smoker) notice how I put in 'light', the chances of my body getting healthy ..yes I know unless I quit, is fairly slim. This is more shove off winter coat I do not want you anymore and I have my nephews wedding in October that I want to fit into my dress that's hanging in the wardrobe.

I shall now go and join Mr. S on the couch to watch some TV and have together time while he stuffs his face on chocolates.. :-(

I'll keep you updated ..for the love of Mike the things we I do..


Winter is approaching – Prose


stand centred
the inner circle
surrounded by
the ancient
my private sanctuary
I don my winter coat
of thoughts

wind lashes icy
against my cheek
razor blades
of a colder season
grey clouds multiply
play catch in the air
amid blackened skies
before night falls

I wait

inhale secrets
I beckon creatures
timbers crack
bristled whispers
the woodland starts
to breathe
creatures nocturnal
step cautiously
from daylit homes

the distance
the pack howls
with throats
stretched tight
guttural baying
to the opaque moon

footsteps soft on
moistened moss
quenching thirsts
at river beds
insects wary scurry
from the pray
the dark is coming

I am not afraid

darkness penetrates
I am a kindred spirit
where I stand
connect me with the
sounds of living on
this night

winter hard as stone
call forth my muse
from summer past
inspiration drawn

my muse awakes

my breath draws in
no longer does she
sleep within